Copts protest Muslim “brotherhood”, march on Whitehouse and WaPo.

Coptic Christians March on White House, Washington Post The protestors gathered on the curb outside of the White House lofting signs that read, “We support the Egyptian Army,” and “The Muslim Brotherhood never renounced terrorism.” “You can burn down our … Continue reading

Can you “sacrifice” something you never possessed?

Muhammad Badi': We Shall ‘Sacrifice Our Souls’ For Morsi Muhammad Badi': “Allah is greater than anyone who tyrannizes and is arrogant. Allah is greater than any traitor. Allah is greater than anyone who neglects his religion. Allah is greater than … Continue reading

This is perfectly reasonable.

For the UN. Everyone else thinks it’s Nucking Futs. Iran to chair UN nuclear disarmament conference Iran will chair a United Nations conference on disarmament in Geneva this month, raising eyebrows from Western powers skeptical of Iran’s own nuclear ambitions. … Continue reading

The Saudis Are Our Greatest Friends. And Shut Up, He Explained.
Bill Quick

Is There a Third Boston Marathon Bomber? A Saudi national by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, near ground zero of the first blast, receives significant injuries to his legs, consisting of burns and embedded shrapnel. He immediately runs … Continue reading