Strategery and Saddam, AQIA, and ISIL
Bill Quick

NBC Military Analyst: McCain ‘Absolutely Right’ That There’s No ISIS Strategy – Breitbart NBC News Military Analyst Col. Jack Jacobs, Ret. agreed with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’s (R-AZ) assessment that there is no strategy against ISIS, although he took a different … Continue reading

This little piggie squealed ‘wee wee wee” all the way home.
nemo paradise

Moody’s downgraded Chicago’s municipal debt to junk status today. Rahm was irate, and spoke truth to power: “While Chicago’s financial crisis is very real and at our doorsteps, today’s irresponsible decision by Moody’s to downgrade the City’s credit by two … Continue reading

Since We Refused to Pursue Victory, Now We Get Death
Bill Quick

BREAKING: ISIS Executes 600 Yazidi Hostages in Tal Afar | The Gateway Pundit ISIS reportedly slaughtered 600-700 Yazidi prisoners in the Tal Afar region of northern Iraq. The execution of hundreds of Yazidis in the city of (Tal Afar) at … Continue reading

A Pretty Good Summary Of George W. Bush’s Botched Iraq Fiasco
Bill Quick

America’s 5 Worst Wartime Presidents | The National Interest George W. Bush and Iraq: Bush encountered just about every trap in the path of presidents who take their country to war. First, he embraced a preventive-war doctrine, which heightened all … Continue reading

Credit Where Credit Is Due
Bill Quick

Cheney: Obama is ‘Worst President We’ve Ever Had’ | CNS News During Tuesday’s Hugh Hewitt show, former Vice President Dick Cheney voiced his opinion on President Barack Obama saying, “his actions are constituted in my mind those of the worst … Continue reading

Some Thoughts About G.W. Bush
Bill Quick

Over at Insty’s joint, I posted this comment: NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: “Every nuclear power is spending lavishly to upgrade its atomic arsenal. … “ that warmongering cowboy Bush“ Remember the Axis of Evil? Remember “You’re either with us or … Continue reading

Sunday TLDR Rant
Bill Quick

Bring Back the Bush Doctrine—with One Addition The Bush Doctrine, by contrast, is the path to victory — if we get that one addendum right. It is this: Our enemies are not driven by American foreign policy, our friendship with … Continue reading

Is It Just Me, Or Does the New NRO “Look” Suck Chrome Off Tailpipes?
Bill Quick

National Review Surely I’m not the only one who thinks NRO’s new look is just godawful? Busy, cluttered, gimmicky, incoherent, and failing utterly in a futile grab for trendiness? Like (0) … Continue reading

Here’s Hoping Emanuel’s Right
Bill Quick

Emanuel: If SCOTUS Rules Against O’Care, We’d Have ‘Major Crisis,’ There Is No Fix (clip) :: Grabien – The Multimedia Marketplace And remember, there is no quick fix to this. If the supreme court said the irs cannot give out … Continue reading

Grading On a Curve
Bill Quick

What grade would you give Lenovo’s response to the Superfish situation? | SuperSite for Windows Yesterday Lenovo created quite a firestorm when it was revealed they had been installing adware/malware on brand new computers being shipped to customers. Accorging to … Continue reading