A nice list of companies with balls.

The Police Loophole What is the police loophole? There are some states, counties, cities, and municipalities in our great nation that fail to allow their citizens to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms with restrictions such as … Continue reading

So what do you think, will Gooberment be able to manage healthcare as efficiently as it has the USPS?

I think that they probably will. The USPS could probably survive and even thrive on its own if allowed to go private; on the other hand it could continue to operate as a public utility if Congress were willing to … Continue reading

This is starting to seem like kicking little puppies. Say, is anyone else suddenly hungry?

Solyndra Not Dealing With Toxic Waste At Milpitas Facility MILPITAS (CBS 5) — Three months ago, CBS 5 caught Solyndra tossing millions of dollars worth of brand new glass tubes used to make solar panels. Now the bankrupt solar firm, … Continue reading