Sowell Should Know Better, You’d Think
Bill Quick

“Will We Be Leaving Our Children at the Mercy of a Nuclear Iran?” » Cold Fury The above excerpt is from one of Sowell’s occasional “random thoughts post,” and it includes something else I thought was worthy of a comment: … Continue reading

Belly Up to the Band, Boys
Bill Quick

Punk band The Pogues launches Irish whiskey The Pogues Irish Whiskey is targeted towards 25 to 35-year-old drinkers and is said to be Ireland’s highest malt-containing blended Irish whiskey, with 50% grain and 50% single malt liquid. Top 40 Buffett-isms: … Continue reading

Who Knows What Microsoft Is Doing Now?
Bill Quick

Why did Microsoft just combine its Windows and Devices businesses? | ZDNet Some think the move is a precursor to Microsoft getting rid of some, and maybe ultimately, all, of its first-party devices, which include Surface, HoloLens, Lumia, Surface Hub, … Continue reading

Fly Me to…Hell
Bill Quick

Unfriendly skies to become unfriendlier « Hot Air Only those able to pay to escape the intrusive TSA security theater entry procedures, and then fly in the relative comfort of first class, can make the claim that flying today is … Continue reading

Big Grocery Wins Out
Bill Quick

State-By-State Map: Largest Company in 2015 – BuzzPo Take a look at Washington.  Given that both Microsoft and Amazon are headquartered there, does the company with the most revenue surprise you? Like (1) … Continue reading

Signs of Doom
Bill Quick

Apple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM. – Apple can’t grow like this forever. No company can. In a few short years, Apple has become the biggest company on the planet by market value — so big that … Continue reading

Hot Seats
Bill Quick

Here’s Why a Single Airplane Seat Can Cost Airlines $300,000 Massagers! Sliding doors! Airbags! THE AMENITIES ALONE! The space race between airlines to design fancier first class and business class seats is well-known. But all that luxury comes at a … Continue reading

Yes, Well. There Is That, Too.
Bill Quick

Black People Don’t Drink Coffee – Taki’s Magazine This is why it’s a sharp pointy pinnacle of irony that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz—yes, he’s Jewish, because a dozen of you would have mentioned it in the comments anyway—recently launched a … Continue reading

Things are tough all over

A girl can’t even lay down and make a decent living anymore. Silicon Valley’s Sex Workers Are Being Priced Out of the City By Their Own Clients The world is a strange and wonderful place. It’s a story built for … Continue reading