Hot Seats
Bill Quick

Here’s Why a Single Airplane Seat Can Cost Airlines $300,000 Massagers! Sliding doors! Airbags! THE AMENITIES ALONE! The space race between airlines to design fancier first class and business class seats is well-known. But all that luxury comes at a … Continue reading

Yes, Well. There Is That, Too.
Bill Quick

Black People Don’t Drink Coffee – Taki’s Magazine This is why it’s a sharp pointy pinnacle of irony that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz—yes, he’s Jewish, because a dozen of you would have mentioned it in the comments anyway—recently launched a … Continue reading

Things are tough all over

A girl can’t even lay down and make a decent living anymore. Silicon Valley’s Sex Workers Are Being Priced Out of the City By Their Own Clients The world is a strange and wonderful place. It’s a story built for … Continue reading