Ipso, Meet Facto: They’re Holding a Conference with the Gods of the Copybook Headings
Bill Quick

Good news! Nancy Pelosi and Democrats to exploit Trayvon Martin’s death with far Left race pimps | The Daley Gator Yep! The usual assortment of race-obsessed Leftists will bash America, Conservatives, gun owners and of course Whitey! Just another gimmick … Continue reading

The Left Has Created A Nation of Slaves – And They Have Enslaved the Rest of Us to Necessities of Their Survival
Bill Quick

Leftist collectivism fulfills the dreams of the segregationists | Questions and Observations Thus is fulfilled the dreams of the southern white segregationists. Blacks are encouraged to stay in their own culturally isolated communities.** They are encouraged to believe they are … Continue reading

Putting the Pig Back in the Democrat Gravy Train
Bill Quick

Today is “Blog about Pigford Day.” New York Times Proves Andrew Breitbart Was Right About Pigford – Investors.com Social Injustice: Turns out conservative crusader Andrew Breitbart was correct when he exposed a multibillion-dollar redistribution scheme to African-American farmers based on … Continue reading

You own it Ben.

You voted for him, you pushed his sorry ass back into office cause you’re a fucking racist. So you fucking own what he’s doing to Blacks. Boom! NAACP Leader Says Blacks Are “Doing Far Worse” Under Obama (Video) Ben, in … Continue reading

Bitch Offers Dog Meat
Bill Quick

Tavis Smiley Questions Obama‘s ’Genuine Love for Black People’ | TheBlaze.com But the presentation didn’t work because it was just a resuscitation [sic] of talking points as if she felt she needed to convince this audience with these talking points … Continue reading

Do you know any Hispanics?

More specifically, Mexicans living in America or newly-minted Americans from Mexico? Ask them if they have heard of Project Gunrunner Fast and Furious. But stand back, be ready for some fireworks. I’ve been asking around; Hispanics in NW Arkansas do … Continue reading