Rahmbo Will Ride the Sinking Ship Down
Bill Quick

Bloomberg Briefs Now that Rahm Emanuel has been reelected mayor of Chicago and that distraction is out of the way, we can all start thinking about the future of the city. I’m not a betting man. If I were, I’d … Continue reading

Lots More Bubbles Yet to Pop, Lots More Crashes Yet to Crash
Bill Quick

Is Another Financial Crisis On the Way? – Reason.com Perhaps most useful, Hidden in Plain Sight makes it clear that the next crisis will likely be caused by people peddling-or at least believing-a false narrative about the last one. This … Continue reading

I Hope They Stiff the Bondholders For Every Penny
Bill Quick

Sucker Bet by Stephen Eide, City Journal March 29, 2015 Finally, Orr, who directed Detroit’s bankruptcy, has acquired a reputation for lacking respect for the legal rights of creditors. Past comments about “these Huns on Wall Street” will cause Atlantic … Continue reading

Money to Burn
Bill Quick

Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread – Telegraph Sweden has cut interest rates below zero and launched quantitative easing to fight deflation, becoming the latest Scandinavian state to join Europe’s escalating currency wars. The Riksbank caught … Continue reading


Venezuela leader orders takeover of supermarket chain Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday ordered the government takeover of a private supermarket chain, accusing the company of food hoarding amid huge lines and shortages in the crisis-hit country. Well, that should … Continue reading

Drain, Meet Circle
Bill Quick

These Are The RadioShack Stores That Are Closing Yes, it’s true: after somehow clinging on for the last few years, RadioShack is finally, officially bankrupt. But that doesn’t mean that every single store will be vanishing — far from it, … Continue reading