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Kentucky is Just One Of Several States Investigating Voter Fraud Hillary Clinton edged out Bernie Sanders in Kentucky’s Democratic primary. However, multiple sources are claiming voter fraud. Most unsettling is that this is just the latest incident of many that … Continue reading

Something New And…Exciting(?)…In Wisconsin, Primary-Wise…

Well, now, this certainly looks intriguing – something altogether new now appearing on (at least) the paper ballots for the Wisconsin Primary (which will commence real-soon, of course): A spot/box to check (or fill-in) for Uninstructed Delegation, which only shows … Continue reading

When More Than One Half Does Not Equal a Majority
Bill Quick

Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote – Rasmussen Reports™ Are voters ready to let illegal immigrants vote? A sizable number, including most Democrats, are. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that one-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (35%) now … Continue reading

Aw. Too Bad. So Sad.
Bill Quick

Hollywood bundlers are losing the spotlight – Todd S. Purdum – POLITICO Another undercurrent in the latest fundraising efforts here is the lingering bad blood caused by the defection of some big Clinton donors – most notably, Geffen – to … Continue reading

American Electoral System At Mercy of Script Kiddie Hackerzzzz?
Bill Quick

Meet the e-voting machine so easy to hack, it will take your breath away | Ars Technica To prove their claim the machine was vulnerable to real-world hacks, the auditors were able to use the remote desktop protocol to gain … Continue reading