Woman: Police Didn’t Believe I Was Raped, So I Got Stanford To Step In With Its Own “Judicial” Process
Bill Quick

Stanford Punishes Rapist With Forced ‘Gap Year,’ As Students Demand Tougher Sanctions At the beginning of 2014, Stanford University senior Leah Francis awoke at a fellow student’s house during winter break to find him sexually assaulting her, pinning her down … Continue reading

State Dope Peddlers Hitting the Schools Again – Rich New Lode of Victims Discovered
Bill Quick

Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and Debate – NYTimes.com With more than six million American children having received a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, concern has been rising that the condition is being significantly misdiagnosed and overtreated … Continue reading

How Come Obama Didn’t Send the Kids to South Chicago Public Schools, Then?
Bill Quick

Are Private Schools Worth It? – Julia Ryan – The Atlantic Studying the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, they have found that, when controlling for demographic factors, public schools are doing a better job … Continue reading

Ban them from Wiki.

It’s what Wiki should do, but probably won’t. ‘Storming Wikipedia’: Colleges offer credit to students who enter ‘feminist thinking’ into Wikipedia Fifteen universities worldwide — including Yale University, Brown University, and Pennsylvania State University — will offer college credit to … Continue reading