It’s Dumb, All the Way Down
Bill Quick

One university moves to drop their math requirement, and guess what they’ll replace it with « Hot Air Three guesses.  The first two don’t count. … Continue reading

Sit Still and Fold Your Hands In Your Laps, You Nasty Boys
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » DIFFERENT, NOT WRONG: Stop drugging ADHD kids — and start teaching them to use their gifts…. This is a case where the “cure” for the purported disease is worse than the disease itself.  Which, of course, … Continue reading

Be Prepared – Drop Out of Your Liberal Arts College
Bill Quick

Americans See Tough Road Ahead For Class of 2016 – Rasmussen Reports™ It’s about time for the latest crop of college graduates to enter the workforce, but Americans still aren’t confident about the job colleges are doing preparing those young … Continue reading

The Boodle Factory At Work
Bill Quick

More Chaos at Chicago Public Schools – The American Interest A big part of blue state politics is the effort to equalize school spending across districts; rich Illinois suburbs can afford better schools than poor towns and cities, so they … Continue reading

Hey, Teacher – Want an Apple?
Bill Quick

The math question that has everyone puzzled because 5+5+5 is NOT 15 | Daily Mail Online Parents are venting their outrage at the Common Core school standards over a math quiz that was posted online, showing how teachers are marking … Continue reading

Those That Cannot Do, Teach – Badly
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » WHY COLLEGE KIDS ARE AVOIDING THE STUDY OF LITERATURE: Why is it, Prof. Gary Saul Morson of Northwes… Literary texts, like other artworks, are neither more nor less important than any other cultural artifact or … Continue reading

Are There Any American School Teachers Left?
Bill Quick

Mason principal cancels Muslim event, apologizes Scroll through the article to read the emails sent by Mason City School officials to parents regarding the “Covered Girl Challenge” event organized by Mason High School’s Muslim Student Association. The event has been … Continue reading

Munch a Lunch With Michelle
Bill Quick

PHOTO: School blames ‘poor lighting’ for paltry Michelle O lunch – After the photo began circulating around the community, Food Service Coordinator Jim Gehlhoff admitted the lunch “concerns us,” but added that it might not actually be as bad … Continue reading

LAUSD: Their Billion Dollar iPad Program Blew Up in Their Faces – Quick, Blame Somebody Else!
Bill Quick

LA’s school board would like all of that iPad money back now, please The $1.3 billion program has attracted plenty of controversy, and even the FBI has been called in to investigate if a dodgy deal had been made. The … Continue reading

Vive le difference!
nemo paradise

From the website of a very highly ranked liberal arts college in the Northeast, we present a list of the housing options open to students after their freshman year. Additionally, not listed, are various general purpose residential buildings. The options … Continue reading