I Hope Nobody Dies Because Barack Obama Wouldn’t Let Parents Get Insurance For Their Kids.
Bill Quick

Latest ObamaCare surprise: Most won’t be able to buy health insurance until end of year | Fox News There is yet another ObamaCare surprise waiting for consumers: from now until the next open enrollment at the end of this year, … Continue reading

Transgender “Assault” In High School Bathroom a Fake
Bill Quick

Police: Transgender student admits assault was fake | www.ktvu.com HERCULES, Calif. — The transgender student who reported being assaulted in a bathroom at Hercules High/Middle School Monday afternoon has admitted he lied about the attack, according to Hercules Police. The … Continue reading

ZOMG! University Athletes Cheat to Stay Eligible! News At Eleven! (Where’s My Red Flasher Gif…?)
Bill Quick

A’s for Athletes, but Charges of Fraud at North Carolina – NYTimes.com Handed up by an Orange County, N.C., grand jury, the indictment charged Nyang’oro with “unlawfully, willfully and feloniously” accepting payment “with the intent to cheat and defraud” the … Continue reading

What could go wrong?

US funding home mortgages for ‘Palestinians’ in Judea and Samaria So how much is going to buy missiles and rockets? U.S. agencies and implementing partners participate in various programs with the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) or PIF-owned entities that include … Continue reading

Wouldn’t Dem appointed Attorney Generals be more appropriate?

Environmental Campaign Suggests Naming Vicious Storms After Climate-Change Deniers ‘Marco Rubio threatens everything in his path’ More real: “Eric Holder Threatens Everything In It’s Path”. The snarky tone preaches to the choir, but it’s hard to resist lines like, “If … Continue reading

Did State’s Righters and Federalists Actually Win a Huge Victory in the Arizona Scotus Voting Rights Decision?
Bill Quick

Rule of Law » Left Loses Big in Citizenship-Verification Supreme Court Case So what is the score on these five goals after Justice Scalia’s opinion today? Election-integrity advocates are batting .800; left wing groups, .200. And the most insignificant issue … Continue reading

How’s that GM bailout thingy working out?

Apparently not so good. Will NY Federal Judge Overturn GM Bailout? Judges hate when litigants hide things from them, especially bankruptcy judges. Judge Robert E. Gerber is a United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Southern District of New York. Gerber … Continue reading

Works for me.

Abbas President Demands Palestinian State With 1967 Borders Last time I checked there was no country or state in 1967 called “Palestine”. Meaning no “Palestinian State”. Gaza belonged to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan. They treated the Cannon … Continue reading

The New Normal?
nemo paradise

Jesse Jackson Jr. is and has been negotiating a plea deal with fed prosecutors that will send him to jail, among other things. According to CBS Chicago (via Drudge): The tentative deal includes: –Jackson resigning for health reasons. –His pleading … Continue reading