NY Mag, NYT, What Is It With These People?
Bill Quick

New York Times Writer Attempts to Explain What It Is To Be a “Modern Man,” to Everyone’s Great Embarrassment The other things that make someone a “modern man” are, apparently, simply behaving like a liberal, urban white woman (the actual … Continue reading

A Legal Solution to an Illegal Problem
Bill Quick

Glenn Reynolds: The unilateral war on college men Greenfield notes that once Columbia University was sued by a male student claiming that his Title IX rights were violated because of the university’s response to a false accusation, it changed its mind … Continue reading

Rosebud Shaped Lips, Soft, Pliable Throats, Deep Powers of Suction
Bill Quick

Why “The View” Is Bombing | VDARE – premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform These pampered, out-of-touch women earn multimillion-dollar salaries to represent their gender. What is their talent? Sucking up to other celebrity women, coddling Democratic politicians, faking … Continue reading

Brit Bint Calls For Putting All Heterosexual Men “In Camps”
Bill Quick

Guardian Columnist Julie Bindel Says Put All Males ‘In Some Kind of Camp’ : The Other McCain England’s most influential radical feminist was asked whether she believes “heterosexuality will survive women’s liberation”: It won’t, not unless men get their act together, … Continue reading

All your balls are belong to us
nemo paradise

Ah, summer ebbs, and across the land campuses prepare to welcome students to an exciting new year of exploration and discovery, aspiration and achievement, and, in Madison, Wisconsin, tut-tutting and tsk-tsking. The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center of the University of … Continue reading

Maybe The Guys Have Finally Figured Out How Bad the Potential Deal Is
Bill Quick

The Great Teen Sex Decline? by Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal July 29, 2015 Here are the facts. Sexual activity among 15- to 19-year-olds peaked by the early 1990s. The CDC’s 1988 survey reported 51 percent of females and 60 … Continue reading

The Feminist Jihadis of the West
Bill Quick

New York Post Identifies Worst Boss Ever Read the article; it’s worth it. They note the position Muslim kids are in the West, and how they come to hate Westerners for doing what they wish to do, but cannot. If … Continue reading

In Which I Commit Wrongspeak Thoughtcrime In the First Degree
Bill Quick

The Illiberal Persecution of Tim Hunt – Reason.com “Three things happen when [girls] are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry,” he said. According to … Continue reading

Nobody But Justice Was Raped At Amherst
Bill Quick

Another Fake Rape at Amherst; Amherst Now Knows It’s Fake, But Lets the Rape Finding Against the Falsely Accused Student Stand, Just Because Yes, you read that right. The Kangaroo Court found that the boy was likely blacked out unconscious … Continue reading

My Mother Would Have Known What To Call Her
Bill Quick

If You’re Tired Of Rape Hoaxes, These Posters Are For You | The Daily Caller Emma Sulkowicz. Lena Dunham. UVA’s “Jackie.” These days you can’t turn around without running into somebody who’s making a false claim of rape to get … Continue reading

Wymyns With Evil Black Guns! Oh, My!
Bill Quick

Spike’s Tactical Pure Estrogen rifle | AllOutdoor.com What comes to mind first when you read “a rifle designed for female shooters?” Pink furniture? With some gun companies, that would have been a good guess. With Spike’s Tactical Pure Estrogen model, the … Continue reading

Perfect Snowflake Princesses Have Panties In Twist Over Ovid
Bill Quick

Classical Mythology Too Triggering for Columbia Students – Hit & Run : Reason.com In Columbia University’s student newspaper, four members of the school’s student Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board call on professors to be more sensitive when teaching provocative or controversial … Continue reading

Fat Heads, Fat Lips
Bill Quick

The Corner | National Review Online “I don’t think we would be taking her seriously at all if she weren’t a woman,” said Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus on Sunday’s Meet the Press, talking about Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, … Continue reading

Unleash the Harpies of War
Bill Quick

Why Protein World is reaping the rewards from its ‘genuine integrity’ | Marketing Magazine Protein World has paid a price, of course – it is now also hated, a claim that few brands can make nor would want to. It … Continue reading

Dear Future Employer: Google Will Be Your Friend
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH: Georgetown University demands College Republicans edit video showing angry feminist protesters. Here’s the video, just for the record: Potential future employers take note: Are these shrieking, hysterical harridans the sort … Continue reading

Let this be a lesson for you.

I found it quite hilarious. Everything you ever needed to know about trigger warnings and safe areas Like (1) … Continue reading

Except the Problem Isn’t What You Think It Is
Bill Quick

Gillibrand: I Hope UVA Rape Hoax Puts ‘More of a Spotlight on the Problem’ – Breitbart Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said that she hopes coverage like the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax is “putting more of a spotlight on the … Continue reading

Burning Stupidity

This is thirteen months old, but I just came across it and had to share. How the Invention of the Alphabet Usurped Female Power in Society and Sparked the Rise of Patriarchy in Human Culture “By profession, I am a … Continue reading

I Didn’t Know That the Real Identity of “Jackie” of the UVA Rape Hoax, Had Been Revealed
Bill Quick

Jackie Coakley – Encyclopedia Dramatica Jackie Coakley or Jacqueline Coakley lied about being raped in order to get attention and sympathy, which is not in itself noteworthy as women do this all the fucking time. She however, took it a … Continue reading

The Tyranny of Definitions
Bill Quick

The ‘Rape Epidemic’ That Isn’t : The Other McCain Read the whole thing at Minding the Campus, and then do this: Go to Google News and search for “teacher + arrest + sex.” How many times a week are public … Continue reading

Another Application of the Burkha Solution?
Bill Quick

Up Twinkles So the woman’s campaign branch of this Silly Organization has decided that traditional, andrormative signs of support and approval are too aggressive and triggering. Some delegates are requesting that we move to jazz hands rather than clapping, as … Continue reading

Dr. Stacy McCain, Call Your Office
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Tweets From National Young Feminist Leadership Conference | The Daily Caller The 2015 National Young Feminist Leadership Conference seeks to “provide young activists with the opportunity to network, grow their knowledge on pertinent domestic and global feminist issues, and fine-tune … Continue reading

Let’s Just Take The Vote Away From White Feminazi SJWs….We Can Start With Them
Bill Quick

Feminist Reporter: Remove White Men’s Guns | The Daily Caller Andrea Grimes, senior political reporter at the lefty women’s site RH Reality Check, sank to a disgusting new low Thursday by saying that guns should be confiscated only from white … Continue reading

Bill Quick

Just the Blue Angels doing their awesomeness I see these guys (yeah, they’re all guys) just about every year during Fleet Week in San Francisco, and they have never failed to be anything less than awesome. I’d probably better see … Continue reading

If You’re Not a Gay Male, Avoid These Schools Like the Plague – And Even If You Are, Be Careful
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » ASHE SCHOW: University of Colorado settles with student accused of sexual assault. Lau also told… Jane would later admit to university investigators that she “may have stretched the truth” because she was “pissed off,” according … Continue reading