Free Expression May Not Be Pretty – But Then Liberty So Often Isn’t
Bill Quick

Franklin Graham is pulling bank accounts from Wells Fargo for featuring same-sex couple in ad | The Charlotte Observer The Charlotte Observer Franklin Graham is calling on Christians to boycott the corporations that feature same-sex relationships in their commercials. And … Continue reading

Bill Quick

Trump: Yes to more infrastructure spending, no to Mohammed cartoons « Hot Air Shorter Trump:  No to the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of expression. Like (0) … Continue reading

Twice As Hard
Bill Quick

Flag fracas at Valdosta State – Valdosta Daily Times: Local News VALDOSTA — A military veteran was detained but not charged by Valdosta State University police after she approached a group of protesters on campus who were walking on an … Continue reading

Not Really a Victory For Free Speech
Bill Quick

“Caveman” blogger wins right to blog advice about food and fitness without a state license « Hot Air Steve Cooksey sued the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition three years ago after it tried to censor his blog. The agency said … Continue reading

Unconstitutional Preference Upheld

US Judge Rejects Muslim Woman’s Unconstitutional Demand To Oath on the Quran A Muslim woman involved in a custody dispute with her separated husband refused to take an oath on the Bible in a Pennsylvania court, demanding instead to be … Continue reading