PC, Sharia, and Barbarian Savagery
Bill Quick

Not Clauswitz | The semi-sprawling Adventures of a Culturally Hegemonic Individualist-Imperialist and Anti-Idiotarian Functional-Structuralist, choking on the toxic-grade Smug emitted by the self-satisfied lotus-eating, Prius-driving, floppy-hat wearing, Lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic Tofuistas. ~ With Guns, more Guns, Motorcycles, Snorkeling, and some Home-Improvement … Continue reading

Only murder and conspiracy?

Morsy charged with murder, conspiring with Hamas The Egyptian army has announced that former President Mohammed Morsy is no longer being held in ‘protective custody.’ He’s being charged with murder and conspiring with Hamas. State news agency Mena said the … Continue reading

Fossil Ridge High School Supports terrorism.

TEXAS: Palestinian student coerces high school into allowing her to carry an Islamic flag at her graduation Electronic Intifada When Abdallahi decided that she wished to have her Palestinian identity recognized during this year’s ceremony, she went first to her … Continue reading

Getting the dirt on the UN “Human Rights” Council.

Exposing the UN’s dirty little secrets They came to bear witness to the crimes committed by some of the very members of this esteemed UN body. Naturally, at the Palace of the Nations, where over 80 international officials, including Foreign … Continue reading

Irony at MDCAN

Islamist thugs and terrorist support group CAIR objects to Pamela Geller speaking. The Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MD) today called on several state officials to withdraw from the upcoming Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference in Annapolis … Continue reading