Justice Louis Brandeis Would Spit on Brandeis University
Bill Quick

Rank Appeasement by Bruce Bawer, City Journal 10 April 2014 Brandeis University’s shameful abandonment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Who among the greatest of our history’s leaders can speak to this unspeakable act from Brandeis University? Here’s someone who seems apt: … Continue reading

The Next Environmental Hook for a Boondoggle?

Ocean garbage frustrates search for Flight 370 Sounds like the Greenies and Warmenists and Watermelonists and Progressives have found a way to redirect the focus of the MH370 search to their own ministry: Mother Gaia is polluted by plastic bags … Continue reading

You thought the Roberts Court was bad?

Joe Biden wants Janet Napolitano on SCOTUS Vice President Joe Biden has plans for the next career move of outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, saying he’d like to see her on the nation’s highest court. “I think Janet should … Continue reading

She’s Just Doing Her Job – For Barack Obama (The American People? What? Are You Serious? Are You Serious?)
Bill Quick

“The Lid”: PURE ARROGANCE!! Woman Who Changed Benghazi Talking Points Nominated For State Dept. Promotion This may be the most arrogant move in a Presidency already plagued with an over-abundance of haughtiness . Today President Obama nominated former State Department … Continue reading

Congress May Not Have the Power, But Congress Took It – Or Was Given It – Anyway
Bill Quick

It’s an interesting article, but it asks the wrong question. Here’s the abstract: Today it is taken for granted that Congress’s power “to regulate . . . Commerce among the several States” includes the power to shut interstate markets down. … Continue reading