“No matter what Jackie said, we should automatically believe rape claims”
Alfred Centauri

This is a remarkable article. Incredulity hurts victims more than it hurts wrongly-accused perps. Let’s be clear: the, what was formerly known as the innocent victim of wrongful accusation, is a ‘perp’ if only a wrongly-accused perp. It gets better. … Continue reading

They don’t think it, they know it.

Van Jones plays the ‘treason’ card, says NRA wants to ‘kill USA soldiers’ Van Jones @VanJones68 Does #NRA think US Const protects “right” 2 shoot USA cops & soldiers? Keep saying folks need big guns 2 fight our govt. Um… … Continue reading

It’s getting warmer, dammit! Now put on your long johns!
nemo paradise

Well, the world just keeps warming up. From the NY Times: Winter has come to the vast, northernmost reaches of Canada, the sparsely populated area surrounding the Arctic Circle historically characterized by severely cold weather. But these days refrigeration systems … Continue reading

Bloomberg and Kroll violate federal wiretap laws.

Will they be prosecuted? Reuters Touts Mayor Bloomberg Fighting ‘Illegal Guns,’ Skips Over ‘Unavailable’ NRA Bloomberg said the city’s inquiry into online sales, conducted by investigative firm Kroll, found 62 percent of sellers were willing to commit a felony by … Continue reading

A “Civil” War

I seldom link to posts on other blogs and say “read this”. Approximately never. That said, read this. Mike nails it. … Continue reading