Hang the bastards.

‘Officers, Why Do You Have Your Guns Out?’ The string of events that night sounds prosaic, a who-cares accumulation of little mistakes and misapprehensions. Cumulatively, though, it is like tumbling down the stairs. Somehow the uncle, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a … Continue reading

The brutalization of 1st Sergeant Matthew Corrigan.

For the DC Kops that’s spelled C O R R I G A N. Next time get it right. We’re getting tired of your Stasi tactics, one of these days the service you’re abusing might just recover their troops the … Continue reading

A guy can’t even walk down the street with his granddaughter anymore.

Me, APD, and ‘Babysitting While White,’ Part Deux A few years back Grits posed the question, “Is babysitting while white reasonable suspicion for police questioning?” after my granddaughter and I were detained and questioned at length in my neighborhood on … Continue reading

Failing Upwards

ATF promotes Fast and Furious supervisors The ATF has promoted three key supervisors of a controversial sting operation that allowed firearms to be illegally trafficked across the U.S. border into Mexico. All three have been heavily criticized for pushing the … Continue reading

How Do You Spell “Domestic Terrorist”?

P.C.S.O. S.W.A.T. If they don’t recall Joe and disband the Terrorist SWAT Team, more innocents will die. After working 12 long hours on the graveyard shift at the Asarco Mine, Jose had finally gone to bed about 7 a.m. When … Continue reading

“He Set Us the F— Up, That’s What the F— He Did”

Nah, you did it yourselves when you showed your stupidity and viciousness while violating his rights. Man who clashed with cops over legal gun was also armed with audio recorder Via BigGovernment and John Stossel. Fiorino was on Frankford near … Continue reading

Bloomberg Needs to Clean Up the Mess in NYC Before Bothering Honest People in Georgia

Via The Classic Liberal and LewRockwell.com. New York’s Finest Police Cover-Up The Village Voice has learned that New York City’s Police Department has spent nearly two years covering up an ugly, alcohol-fueled street brawl in which 10 rookie cops beat … Continue reading