Burke Shouldn’t Worry About Anything Anti-American Communist Barbara Lee Has to Say
Bill Quick

Burke Worries About “Inner City,” “Students of Color” Congresswomen Barbara Lee (D-CA) said earlier this month that the phrase “inner city” is nothing more than code language for describing blacks. Lee’s declaration may be more bad news for Democratic gubernatorial … Continue reading

Gee – A Reason Not To Fly US Airways Besides Its Awful Service and Accommodations
Bill Quick

Outrage as US Airways attendant refuses to hang up Army veteran’s jacket to stop it creasing because ‘service was for first-class passengers only’ | Daily Mail Online Shocked first-class fliers then offered their seats to Sgt Marle, but the decorated soldier … Continue reading

The Flim-Flam Man’s Burden – Or…Maybe Not?

Over at his place, Ace passes along The Word from Patterico regarding Li’l Barky O’Barfer’s actual view on Presidential vacations- versus, of course, what he previous said about same, at least for an actual elected president… First up… Barky, 2014: … Continue reading

The Republican “It’s Just a Moderate Massacre – For Your Own Good” Faction
Bill Quick

The Captain’s Journal » Ted Cruz On Obamacare There is too much “inside baseball” analysis going around, like this piece at the WSJ by James Taranto.  It’s simplier than it has been made out to be.  The GOP is benefiting … Continue reading