It’s still 1937 in Europe.

And they still want a permanent solution to the “Jewish Problem”. EU to require special travel visas for ‘settlers’? The U.S. administration and the political echelon in Jerusalem surmise that European countries will blame Israel should Kerry’s efforts fail – … Continue reading

Fossil Ridge High School Supports terrorism.

TEXAS: Palestinian student coerces high school into allowing her to carry an Islamic flag at her graduation Electronic Intifada When Abdallahi decided that she wished to have her Palestinian identity recognized during this year’s ceremony, she went first to her … Continue reading

I guess it would have cost too much to remove the lead pipes and paint.

It’s the only reason, other than cowardice(and even cowards aren’t this stupid), for the French to keep doing this kind of shit. Paris museum opens exhibition of ‘Palestinian martyrs’ The museum’s website describes suicide bombers as “those who lost their … Continue reading

What We Need Is a Better Class of Political Class – Because Right Now, We’re Getting Exactly What We Deserve. Good and Hard.
Bill Quick

The DiploMad 2.0: Breaching the Gates of Paris and Memphis: Dhimmis Bow and Scrape as Jihadis Sharpen Knives Mary Shelley, two hundred years ago, barely out of her teens, recognized that for all its problems, especially for women in that … Continue reading

This is perfectly reasonable.

For the UN. Everyone else thinks it’s Nucking Futs. Iran to chair UN nuclear disarmament conference Iran will chair a United Nations conference on disarmament in Geneva this month, raising eyebrows from Western powers skeptical of Iran’s own nuclear ambitions. … Continue reading

Tonstant Weader Fwowed Up*
nemo paradise

Every once in a while I come across something that I can’t resist torturing Bill with. The criteria are: 1. It has to contain a fallacy of majestic scale — 2. Yet its legitimacy must be presented as obvious as … Continue reading