Wait a minute….
nemo paradise

This Maya Angelou stamp flap intrigues me, because the more I dug into it, the more confusing things became — not so much about the stamp, which is just a garden-variety bureaucratic blunder, but about Dr. Angelou. To recap the … Continue reading

It’s Junk, Blanche, It’s Junk, I Tells Ya
Bill Quick

The Ambassador who worked from Nairobi bathroom to avoid State Dept. IT | Ars Technica The current scandal roiling over the use of a private e-mail server by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is just the latest in a … Continue reading

What On Earth Would You Expect From It?
Bill Quick

Earnest: Not sure if Jews are terror targets, and climate change is a bigger threat anyway « Hot Air Merely because the progressive community chafes at being reminded that the War on Terror remains a feature of American foreign policy, … Continue reading