The Racist, Bigoted, White-Hating Lunatic “Firebrand” Obama Listened to For Twenty Years Speaks Out
Bill Quick

Jeremiah Wright Is Still Preaching – The Atlantic He followed that with an extended metaphor about sheepdogs—once they’re trained to protect a flock, he said, they’ll fight against even dogs from their own litter—and declared, “We got a lot of … Continue reading

The Racist In Chief
Bill Quick

Has Obama Widened the Racial Divide? – Rasmussen Reports™ Only 20% of Likely U.S. Voters believe President Obama has brought Americans of different races closer together, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Forty-seven percent (47%) think Obama … Continue reading

WaPo Boards the Kill-Whitey Bandwagon
Bill Quick

Stop laughing at Donald Trump – The Washington Post Trump’s message is a call to 1950s American greatness and a simmering, mad-as-hell populism that blames Chinese imports, freeloading Saudis and Mexican immigrants (and Mexico) for the nation’s ills. It appeals … Continue reading

Let’s You and Him Fight

Angry clashes in South Carolina as Ku Klux Klan and New Black Panther Party come face-to-face in battle over Confederate flag The white supremacists came out in force on Saturday afternoon to condemn the governor’s decision to remove the Confederate … Continue reading

Muslim Lefty: We Need to Put the American Flag Down”
Bill Quick

Farrakhan: I Don’t Get Debate Over Confederate Flag, ‘We Need to Put the American Flag Down’ – Breitbart Louis Farrakhan stated “We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate … Continue reading

One White Racist Mass Killed=All White America. Seven Black Mass Murderers=No Meaningful Connections to Black American Racism
Bill Quick

Charleston, Dylann Roof and the racism of millennials – The Washington Post America should be shaken to its very core by what happened in Charleston. The gruesome massacre of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically black … Continue reading

They Hate It When You Punch Them Back Twice As Hard
Bill Quick

1,000 Black Baltimore Rioters Smash Police Cars, Local Businesses in Frenzied Protest Baltimore (AFP) — Protesters smashed police cars and shop windows in downtown Baltimore on Saturday when the biggest demonstration over the death of a young African-American man in … Continue reading

Black Racist Pig In Benicia
Bill Quick

Officials apologize for school’s African-American only student a – KTVU – BENICIA, Calif. (KTVU) — Officials at a Benicia school were doing damage control Tuesday after a well-intentioned teacher held an unauthorized Black History Month assembly, inviting only African-American students … Continue reading