CNN Asks Wrong Questions, Sheriff Asks Right Ones

The always-reliably-Progtard CNN – in the person of Anderson Cooper 360* – questions the publicizing of the presence of newly-arrived illegal aliens by the Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ. within his jurisdiction: Arizona Sheriff Defends Publishing Location for Illegal Immigrants … Continue reading

Trying to Make Us Think Scamnesty is the Only, and Inevitable, Solution
Bill Quick

Beck: Using these kids at the border for political purposes is wrong, shameful, un-American, and un-Christian « Hot Air You’d need to see wide public opinion turn so sour on illegal immigration, notwithstanding Latino support for it, that even Democrats … Continue reading

Scamnesty By Any Other Name, Or, a Scam Is a Scam Is a Scam….
Bill Quick

Obama pledges to redirect immigration enforcement, conceding defeat on overhaul – The Washington Post The action, which beefs up efforts to stem illegal immigration across the border but could slow efforts to deport undocumented immigrants already in the country, is … Continue reading

“Child” Illegal Aliens Will Be Allowed To Stay Indefinitely. Unexpectedly.
Bill Quick

Few immediate consequences for child immigrants WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of immigrant children fleeing poverty and violence in Central America to cross alone into the United States can live in American cities, attend public schools and possibly work here for … Continue reading