The Obama Administration: Importing Diseases That Kill Americans Since 2009
Bill Quick

CDC admitted disease imported as states data reveals illegal immigrant links – San Antonio Headlines | And be honest here:  The Gentry GOP’s mad lust for the Latino vote, which has led them to refuse to even try to … Continue reading

Countries Currently At Highest Risk For Importing Ebola Include the United States
Bill Quick

Ebola Outbreak 2014: “The terrifying statistics you need to see” | The Last Refuge A collaborative group at Northeastern University is updating their predictive models based in part on air traffic load patterns weekly.  Currently, the greatest volume of air … Continue reading

Depends on the Meaning of “Strategy,” I Guess
Bill Quick While everyone, their uncle, and their uncle’s cat told the Obama administration that airstrikes just weren’t going to be enough to defeat ISIS, they continue stubbornly to pretend that doing the politically safe option will keep America safe. Here’s … Continue reading

California Lefties Disappointed President Obama Wasn’t More Radical Than Che Guevera
Bill Quick

Californians Disenchanted with Obama as He Fundraises Again in Golden State Mark DiCamillo, a director for the California Field Poll, points out about Obama’s descending approval numbers that, “In California, the recent decline is greatest among the voter segments that … Continue reading

Taxpayer Funded CDC Unit Helps Hollywood Push the Obamacare Party Line
Bill Quick

Hollywood’s Health Experts – The Atlantic The organization was established with money from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2001 to provide the entertainment industry with free, accurate health information. Since then, the group has worked with … Continue reading

Emanuel: All You Old Farts Just Die, Already!
Bill Quick

Obamacare Creator: Die at 75! Emanuel pushes back against those attempting to lengthen their own lives, castigating them as morally deficient: Americans seem to be obsessed with exercising, doing mental puzzles, consuming various juice and protein concoctions, sticking to strict … Continue reading

Obama’s Wave of Destruction Rolls Endlessly On
Bill Quick

Should Local Schools Admit the Latest Illegal Immigrants? – Rasmussen Reports™ School districts around the country are beginning to discover where the Obama administration has moved many of the new illegal immigrants, but most voters don’t believe these youngsters should … Continue reading

Will Obama’s Scamnesty Destroy the Foundations of the Democrat Party?
Bill Quick

Boston ‘Teeming With Protesters’ in Giant Rally Against Housing Illegal Immigrants in the State | Video | While Bree Sison of WBZ-TV estimated the crowd numbering in the hundreds, described the area in front of the State House as “teeming with protesters,” … Continue reading

CNN Asks Wrong Questions, Sheriff Asks Right Ones

The always-reliably-Progtard CNN – in the person of Anderson Cooper 360* – questions the publicizing of the presence of newly-arrived illegal aliens by the Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ. within his jurisdiction: Arizona Sheriff Defends Publishing Location for Illegal Immigrants … Continue reading