Meanwhile, Back In the Real World
Bill Quick

Matt Kibbe Of FreedomWorks Sounds Dismayed With The RNC : The Other McCain Having looked at some of the local fracas, I can see where centralizing control is appealing. I can also tell you that feelings of betrayal will lead … Continue reading

Sorry, Not Buying the Self-Serving, Whistle Past the Graveyard Bullshit About the Catastrophic Roberts Obamacare Ruling
Bill Quick

The Mandate After the Court – James C. Capretta & Yuval Levin – National Review Online In the wake of the Roberts decision, participation in Obamacare’s insurance scheme is optional. Rather than a requirement to buy coverage backed with a … Continue reading

Supreme Court upholds slavery.

Justice Robert’s will go down in history as the most vilified Chief Justice, outdoing Roger Taney. Taney’s bad decision in the Dred Scott case oppressed a particular group of people, but did not expand the Fed power to oppress everyone. … Continue reading