July 1 – Dependence Day in Hong Kong

It’s officially called Handover Day. July 1 is a Holiday here in Hong Kong to commemorate the day Hong Kong was handed back to China after about 150 years of British Rule. During that time Hong Kong went from a … Continue reading

Walled and Gated Communities
Bill Quick

CurrentC—retailers’ defiant answer to Apple Pay—will deactivate its user accounts | Ars Technica The problem was getting customers to want this scheme. Without a real value proposition for the customer besides the potential for some loyalty points, CurrentC only lined … Continue reading

Lawsuit, Here We Cum!

Stars of adult film reveal industry secrets in controversial Reddit thread There’s a bit of info, nothing too surprising. But here’s the money shot. Er, money quote: The producer also explained that, unlike many other professions, the gender pay gap … Continue reading

How to Grow a Huge Wealth Per Capita
Bill Quick

Why locate a data center in Iceland Companies in search of stable, inexpensive energy to power their data needs are looking beyond the borders of their own countries these days. Those willing to look really far might consider harboring their strategic assets … Continue reading