Family Problems
nemo paradise

Nemo is in a quandary. He has just heard from his Cousin Demo, who has been down on his luck for awhile, and appeals to the DP’s readers for advice. Briefly, the situation is like this: Demo has a large … Continue reading

I never thought that it would happen in Austrailia, too.

Sure, we all know that all of the American mega-beers are owned by foreign companies. Budweiser, Miller, Coors…all foreign owned. But the Aussies? Really? Aussies rely on foreign beer, too? You could knock me over with a pull-tab. The … Continue reading

A “Civil” War

I seldom link to posts on other blogs and say “read this”. Approximately never. That said, read this. Mike nails it. … Continue reading

Blegging, Blogging And The Current Economy

I’m not an economist – not even a Gubmint Econo-Wizard (which doesn’t appear, these days, to require any particular, actual economic wisdom or even what’s referred to as “common sense”) – but I do think about economic matters. In today’s … Continue reading