Oh, Gosh. He’s Lying. Next?
Bill Quick

ABC’s Dan Harris Denies Any Conscious Liberal Bias; Claims There Are ‘Very, Very Powerful’ Conservatives at ABC | NewsBusters So Malzberg asked aren’t more journalists liberal? Harris replied: HARRIS: I don’t know, liberal might be overly strong. We actually have … Continue reading

Copts protest Muslim “brotherhood”, march on Whitehouse and WaPo.

Coptic Christians March on White House, Washington Post The protestors gathered on the curb outside of the White House lofting signs that read, “We support the Egyptian Army,” and “The Muslim Brotherhood never renounced terrorism.” “You can burn down our … Continue reading

Hey, Bezos: Turn the Washington Post into the American Post
Bill Quick

Washington Post’s Former Ombudsman Offers Jeff Bezos Advice: First, Fire Jennifer Rubin For example, the previous Ombudsman critiqued the Times thus: Across the paper’s many departments… so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism — for lack of … Continue reading