Such Bullshit
Bill Quick

Japanese restaurant Lucky’s Teriyaki apologizes after asking cops not to eat there | Daily Mail Online However, some people said others should not be so quick to vilify the business.  ‘ It’s quite sad that cops and their apologists are … Continue reading

Taking Notice
Bill Quick

WIG & PEN:Excursions in Lateral Thinking from Amherst,Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley: Thought Experiments in Noticing From the Daily Hampshire Gazette October 1, Amherst Massachusetts: North Pleasant Street woman contacted police at 6:23 a.m. Thursday to report she could not … Continue reading

The end of days?
nemo paradise

Ever since I was a tyke, my ears have rung with prophesies of doom issued by wrathful soothsayers, ranging from elder relatives despairing this or that sad state of affairs and clergy at various school chapels hurling promises of hellfire, … Continue reading

More Clinton Creepiness
Bill Quick

So this just came in the mail. — Vince Coglianese (@TheDCVince) August 28, 2015

Your Palindrome For Today
Bill Quick

So many dynamos. Found while browsing bike lights at Rivendell Bicycle Works. … Continue reading

Yep. It Was MH370
Bill Quick

Malaysian PM: Debris off Madagascar Part of Missing MH370 The plane part that was found on a beach in the Indian Ocean was determined to be part ofMH370, the Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished more than a year ago, Malaysia’s … Continue reading

Okay, This Is Weird
Bill Quick

Did a Student’s Non-PC Views on Rape Statistics Get Him Banned from Class? Maybe, Maybe Not. – Hit & Run : A male student at Reed College—a private liberal arts college in Oregon—says he was told not to return … Continue reading

I’ll Have to Keep an Eye Peeled For This Thing
Bill Quick

Mercedes Self-Driving Car Seems To Have Gone Rogue In San Francisco First of all, I implore everyone to remain calm. Chances are, we’ll all make it out of this mess okay, but only if we all just keep it together. … Continue reading