Teach Women Not to Lie About Rape
Bill Quick

Police: Arroyo Trail sexual assault reports were a hoax | KRON4.com LIVERMORE (KRON) — Police say that the victim who reported being sexually assaulted during a hike in Livermore admitted it was a hoax. The 29-year-old woman told police she … Continue reading

Another Big-Government “Compassionate” SoCon No-Hoper Joining Race
Bill Quick

Oh yes: Huckabee’s in « Hot Air His problem in 2008 was ending up pigeonholed as a one-trick evangelical pony, a guy whose southern socially conservative appeal was so narrow that he couldn’t carry it over to similar demographics who … Continue reading

The Latest Hot Gas Horse Race Fantasy
Bill Quick

Just how big of a problem is Bernie Sanders going to be for Hillary Clinton? « Hot Air No problem whatsoever. You Hot Gassers are all enamored of how much money a candidate has raised, because apparently that’s your metric … Continue reading

Wait a minute….
nemo paradise

This Maya Angelou stamp flap intrigues me, because the more I dug into it, the more confusing things became — not so much about the stamp, which is just a garden-variety bureaucratic blunder, but about Dr. Angelou. To recap the … Continue reading

Or How About This?
Bill Quick

ATF director resigns, out in 11 days « Hot Air Supposedly Jones is heading to the NFL, but that wouldn’t explain the rush to get out the door. Normally, a bureau chief would give more than  11 days’ notice on … Continue reading

Yeah, Sure, Whatever, Hot Gasser
Bill Quick

Boehner to Hillary: It’s time for you to turn over your server to a third party « Hot Air Oh, great.  Now Allahpundit is pretending that he believes the hard drives from that server haven’t been sleeping with the fishes … Continue reading

Sarah Hoyt: Condescending Bullshit, Or Surrender?
Bill Quick

Cake or Death? | According To Hoyt For my pains I was told I’m an “incrementalist” and that I respect authority and that I am mushy and that haven’t I seen that Boehner is the worst thing evah, evah, and … Continue reading

Self-serving Horseshit From the WordPress People
Bill Quick

“Straight Pride” group slapped with $25K fine for DMCA claim against blogger | Ars Technica Few people had cared about Straight Pride UK, but Hotham’s complaints about the removal of his work touched a nerve. Articles went up in The Guardian, TechCrunch, and … Continue reading

Your Morning Eruption of Hot Gas
Bill Quick

Republican power brokers think Scott Walker just isn’t ready. Do they have a point? « Hot Air “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the globe,” Walker said of ISIS. “That is a terrible … Continue reading

In Extended Farce, Emily Miller Gets D.C. CCW Permit
Bill Quick

Video: DC reporter gets carry permit « Hot Air The second question – and it’s one which the reporter asks herself – is why her? Why was she selected to be one of less than a dozen and a half … Continue reading