Gimme That Old Time Religion
nemo paradise

We admire the new policy of the left, which demands that all Bernie Sanders campaign speeches be shut down because black lives matter: Like (1) … Continue reading

Let’s You and Him Fight

Angry clashes in South Carolina as Ku Klux Klan and New Black Panther Party come face-to-face in battle over Confederate flag The white supremacists came out in force on Saturday afternoon to condemn the governor’s decision to remove the Confederate … Continue reading

Linux: Land of Forum Assholes
Bill Quick

How to get started with Linux: A beginner’s guide | PCWorld The world of Linux is ready to welcome you, with a shower of free open-source software you can use on any PC: hundreds of active Linux distributions, and dozens … Continue reading

High Schoolers Forced to Recite Pledge In Arabic – “One Nation Under Allah”
Bill Quick

NY High School Makes Kids Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic Featuring ‘One Nation Under Allah’ | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News Making some parents furious, a Pine Bush, New York high school courted controversy by teaching kids to recite … Continue reading

Never Happen
Bill Quick

ESPN suspends Keith Olbermann after heated Twitter debate | Boston Herald ESPN said it would suspend Keith Olbermann for the rest of the week in light of snarky remarks the popular broadcaster on Twitter made about a Pennsylvania State University … Continue reading