Huckabee: Hooray For a Muslim President! Constitution Says You Have to Vote For One!
Bill Quick

Huckabee: ‘No Religious Test’ To Hold Office, Someone Shouldn’t Be Disqualified For Faith – Breitbart Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee argued that there is no religious test to hold a public office, and someone shouldn’t be … Continue reading

Ramesh Ponnuru Endorses Obama Nuke Deal
Bill Quick

Supreme Court & Gay Marriage — Judicial Supremacy Isn’t Constitutional Supremacy | National Review Online And so the Lincoln administration did not attempt to undo the Supreme Court’s decision with regard to the parties in Dred Scott v. Sandford but … Continue reading

Wong Kim Ark: Can Illegal Aliens Be Said to Have A “Permanent Domicil and Residence In the United States?”
Bill Quick

United States v. Wong Kim Ark | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute The evident intention, and the necessary effect, of the submission of this case to the decision of the court upon the facts agreed by the … Continue reading

The Most Hopeful Poll I’ve Seen Lately
Bill Quick

Should the U.S. Constitution Still Be the Nation’s Legal Bedrock? – Rasmussen Reports™ Voters may question just how faithful President Obama has been to the U.S. Constitution, but they continue to stand firm in their own belief about the document … Continue reading

Brits Wonder If They Should Engage In An Extended Bout of Constitutional Masturbation
Bill Quick

After 800 years, Britain finally asks: Do we need a written constitution? – The Washington Post LONDON — Eight-hundred years ago this month, rebellious barons and a despised, cash-strapped king gathered in a verdant riverside meadow 20 miles outside London to … Continue reading

Dear Ace: 2000 Words Later, You’re Still Wrong
Bill Quick

Dear Bill Quick: You’re Wrong In Every Claim You Make, and You’re Enlisting Yourself Out as an Enemy of Freedom If keeping my own freedom means, horror of horrors, also granting it to a Muslim, then I am prepared to … Continue reading

Boren Knows These Expulsions Are Unconstitutional and Won’t Stand. So What?
Bill Quick

Two Oklahoma students expelled for racist video Oklahoma University on Tuesday expelled two students accused of playing a “leadership role” in a fraternity’s racist video. University President David Boren issued a statement saying the investigation into the Sigma Alpha Epsilon … Continue reading

Unconstitutional Preference Upheld

US Judge Rejects Muslim Woman’s Unconstitutional Demand To Oath on the Quran A Muslim woman involved in a custody dispute with her separated husband refused to take an oath on the Bible in a Pennsylvania court, demanding instead to be … Continue reading