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Study: Law banning cell phones while driving doesn’t reduce accident rate « Hot Air

Most Americans admit to being fry-dipping, cell-phone-gossiping, mascara-applying distracted drivers. A 2011 poll, reported in USA Today, showed 86 percent of us eat or drink in the car, more than half talk on the phone, and about 40 percent admit to the offenses of setting the GPS or texting. Many Americans, even in a state as conservative as Texas, want to be saved from their bad behavior by a ban on cell phone use in the car.

But are they really saving themselves? Though the laws are largely noncontroversial, they’re also hard to enforce, and increasingly look ineffective, according to studies of their real-life track records. A new study of California’s six-year-old cell phone ban, peer-reviewed and published in the journal Transportation Research examined crash data for the six months prior to California’s cell phone ban and the six months after.

“Our main result was that we found no evidence that the California cellphone ban decreased accidents,” Colorado University economics Professor Daniel T. Kaffine, one of the lead autors of the study, said in a statement. “This is surprising, because a lot of prior studies had shown that people who talk on cell phones, while driving, are just as impaired as people who are intoxicated.”

A lot of these “studies” are egregious junk science cobbled together by nanny-state hysterics to try to provide a “scientific” justification for their endless urge to control every single damned thing you do – for your own good, of course.

Oops. Another Gaffe, Another Truth Accidentally Slips Out
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Top House Dem: Obama’s Immigration Orders are More Important than Vulnerable Dems | National Review Online

Representative Raul Grijalva (D., Ariz.) thinks that President Obama should pursue his immigration goals unilaterally, even if it hurts vulnerable Democrats in the 2014 midterms. 

“That’ll always be the case,” the Congressional Hispanic Caucus co-chair told National Review Online when asked if Democrats were still nervous that the border crisis had turned Obama’s expected orders into a political liability.

“You’ll always have members whose political vulnerability they tie entirely to immigration,” Grijalva said. “We didn’t make progress when we were in the majority because we were being protective of those — on immigration reform — we were protecting those members. At some point do you worry more about the future or do you continue to put off the inevitable by not taking action?”

Grijalva told C-Span’s Newsmakers that Democrats were increasingly pessimistic about Obama’s coming orders.

“You can sense already, even among my Democratic colleagues, a kind of — ‘this issue is a little too complicated, too risky, let’s go small,’” he said. “Politically, they’re tied together and the children at the border and his executive orders are going to get tied together.”

As I’ve been saying for quite a while:  The real Marxist ideologues of the Democrat Party (and this would include Barack Obama) are playing the long game:  Getting scamnesty now, even at the (temporary) loss of some Democrat power, will pay off in the long run, or so they believe.  The same calculus is at work with socialized medicine, aka “Obamacare.”

And the Republicans are handing the Democrats the rope with which to hang them.

I Thought Austin Was a Progressive Town – Well, It Is, and This Fits
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Federal judge upholds activist Antonio Buehler’s right to film… |

The National Press Photographers Association in May filed an amicus brief in support of his case, which the organization says is not an isolated incident but “part of a nationwide phenomenon where police have interfered with citizens’ rights to photograph and video-record officers engaged in official business in public spaces.”

“NPPA follows these cases closely, and strives to ensure that the crucial role that journalists and citizens play in promoting discussions of public concern is not diminished,” the brief states.

Of course it’s a “nationwide phenomenon.”

The denizens of the police state, like cockroaches, hate having light shed on their activities. And once photos and videos enter the scene, it’s no longer a matter of “he said, she said,” a conflict which the cops have always won in the past.

One more thing: Every cop already knows that citizens have a legal right to record their public activities. They just don’t care about that right. And they will continue to try to shut down those citizens by any means necessary, until cops start going to jail and losing their pensions over their unconstitutional and lawless activities.

Dan Duane: Weakness Is Dominance
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What Your Workout Says About Your Social Class – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

One way to slow that slip into frailty, it turns out, is by lifting weights, forcing your body to increase bone density and muscle fiber. So I bought a book by a Texas gym owner named Mark Rippetoe titled Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training. I learned to squat, deadlift, and bench press. I came to love the emotional catharsis of channeling aggression into the bar. I made new friends: A former Force Recon marine chatted with me between lifts, describing the first Gulf War and how he’d nearly died falling from a helicopter; a massively muscled, bald kickboxer, who happened also to be a handsome gay biotech lawyer, stood behind me during bench press sessions, fingers under the bar, making sure I didn’t hurt myself.

I adored lifting with these men. It was the happiest I had ever been in a gym. A faster runner abandons you; a stronger lifter hangs out, kindly critiques your form, and waits his turn. My strength numbers shot upward, and so did my body weight: 190 pounds, 200, 210, 215. I bought baggy pants and shirts. Walking down the sidewalk, I felt confident. At parties with my wife, I saw men who ran marathons, and they looked gaunt and weak. I could have squashed them.

Upper middle class Americans avoid “excessive displays of strength,” viewing the bodybuilder look as vulgar overcompensation for wounded manhood.

Soon, however, I suffered a creeping insecurity. Looking into the eyes of a banker with soft hands, I imagined him thinking, You deluded moron, what does muscle have to do with anything?

Sociologists, it turns out, have studied these covert athletic biases. Carl Stempel, for example, writing in the International Review for the Sociology of Sport, argues that upper middle class Americans avoid “excessive displays of strength,” viewing the bodybuilder look as vulgar overcompensation for wounded manhood. The so-called dominant classes, Stempel writes—especially those like my friends and myself, richer in fancy degrees than in actual dollars—tend to express dominance through strenuous aerobic sports that display moral character, self-control, and self-development, rather than physical dominance. By chasing pure strength, in other words, packing on all that muscle, I had violated the unspoken prejudices—and dearly held self-definitions—of my social group.


In the end I made the same basic decision that Dan John had made, defaulting to the familiar sports I’d grown up with. In my case, that meant adopting what Stempel calls “the most class exclusive approach to strength-building,” one that “moderately incorporates strength into a sporting lifestyle.” Backing off the weights and ramping up the running, biking, and swimming, I lost 30 pounds of muscle in three months. I loved Escape From Alcatraz so much that I’m still doing triathlons three years later. My wife does seem to like me a little better, and sometimes I think our friends even respect me more. But I can’t stop thinking I’ve betrayed Rippetoe, and I dearly miss the Force Recon marine. I miss the biotech lawyer, too, and no matter what I’m supposed to feel about physical dominance or moral character, I dearly miss feeling huge walking down the street.

When Rippetoe posted a link to this over at his Starting Strength forums, I read it, then set off a furor by responding:  “So…his inner pussy dragged him back?”

Rippetoe, not noted for his own compassion and reticence, responded:  “That’s very harsh.”

And several of his acolytes piled on, but more than a few didn’t.  Be that as it may, the message here is quite interesting.  Duane does a fair amount of writing for the NYT, and, of course, regards himself as being part of “the dominant classes.”  Apparently these dominant classes are characterized by lockstep rigidity and blind adherence to signs and signals – call it their self-brewed semiotics of dominance.

And, apparently, being and looking weak is one of those signs.  In fact, it is such a strong sign that Duane himself, once becoming aware of this class disapproval, made haste to drop an activity that not only made him strong, but made him healthier and likely to live longer.

That study I just cited, by the way, takes into account the dominant classes favorite aerobically-centered “fitness” sports like running, cycling, and the like.  It concluded that however fit your cardiorespiratory system might be, if you’re stronger, you’ll live longer than an equally CV fit, but weaker, person.

So, at least on this metric, these dominants would rather rush, lemming-like, away from activities that make them stronger and longer-lived, merely to meet the projected prejudices of their class.

I wonder what other semi-suicidal activities they cleave to for similar reasons?

Michelle Bachmann – Anybody Remember Her?
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GOP Faces 2016 Quandary: Why No Women Candidates? | RealClearPolitics

What the next crop of top-tier GOP contenders may not feature, however, is a woman.

The Republicans taking discernible steps to build the foundations required for White House runs are all men.  And for a party trying to close the gender gap, the prospect of an all-male lineup may pose a significant public perception problem.

Well, we had a woman candidate back in 2012, but the fucktards in charged did everything they could to run her out of the race (where they succeeded) and out of the party (not quite yet), but soon – she’s retiring at the end of this Congressional session.

Shotgun Joe Gets Off (Another) Good One
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Joe Biden: I wish I had a ‘Republican kid to go out and make money’ | Red Alert Politics

At an Urban League conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden confided to the audience in a speech that he wishes he had a “Republican kid to go out and make money.”

“I should have had one Republican kid to go out and make money,” Biden said, provoking laughs from his listeners. “You know, so when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view. You know what I mean?”

Well, at least Sheriff Senile still understands that Republicans are about wealth creation, instead of sucking up other people’s money, as his own daughter is doing.

The Slender Reed That Is John Roberts
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Supreme Court may not protect Obamacare this time – The Washington Post

Let’s hope they’re right, but I have my doubts. Certainly, Roberts zealously guards the court’s institutional standing against accusations of overreaching. But only to a point. The Voting Rights Act offers an example. In 2009, Roberts, as with the Affordable Care Act, demonstrated his willingness to stretch the language of the statute to save it — temporarily. Four years later, he wrote the majority ruling striking down the law’s key provision.

Importantly, Roberts’s initial restraint in that case, as in his ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, was based on constitutional considerations: the long-standing principle that the court, if possible, should avoid overturning the work of a co-equal branch of government.

In the looming case about federal subsidies, which involves statutory interpretation (actually, whether the court should accept a federal agency’s interpretation of a statute), Roberts may be inclined to a less deferential stance.

Indeed, the two D.C. Circuit judges who invalidated the subsidies — Thomas Griffith and Raymond Randolph — cast their decision in terms of the “legislative supremacy” of Congress and the need for judges to respect statutory language, not to

Last time around, Roberts was protecting the court from appearing to overstep its constitutional muscle. This case is different, and so, I fear, could be the outcome.

Actually, last time around, Roberts “substituted his own surmise about what Congress intended,” in defiance of both the text and the arguments advanced by government lawyers.

The question is whether he will do the same thing again.

I don’t see any particular reason to be sanguinary.  Any Chief Justice who is willing to decide cases not on the law, but on the reputation of the Supreme Court, isn’t fit to be a judge at all, let alone the Chief Justice.

Delicate Little Frogs

You know how some people just don’t get this internet thingy? Not the technical aspects, which confuse some old people (and, crappy analogies aside, there’s no real fault in not knowing every aspect of how your search for “scarlet johansen nud” leads to a badly-photoshopped image appearing on your screen; the whole system is big and complex, and there’s no particular need for people to understand it just to use it) but the social and legal aspects. Like, say, the apparently tricky concept of putting a web page up in public view and then allowing others to link to it.

So, one rancid clump of retroturds has outed themselves as stupider than an unbathed pig, which is not surprising considering their mothers. These inbred punk-ass tyrants (they have a committee to maintain the purity of the fuckin’ French language; the kind of people who worry about that, only worry about it because they know they’re losers in any kind of competition, including pecker contests, in which they come up short, as their stinky pig mothers can testify) say you can link to their site only if you clearly identify the link as being to, and they reserve the right to demand you take the link down if it’s insulting to candy-ass little babies. Well, fuck (But don’t fuck French women. They have fleas.)

Open Mouth. Brain Falls Out.
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Michelle Obama says money in politics is bad, asks donors for ‘big, fat check’ – Washington Times

First lady Michelle Obama on Thursday night urged Democrats to “dig deep” into their pockets and “write a big fat check” before the midterm elections, but minutes later complained of too much money in politics.

This is an obvious mark of a psychopathic personality.  Solipsism carried to such an extreme she is totally divorced from any need to make her ravings comport with reality.  Or consistency.  Or hypocrisy.  Or any damned thing at all.


Excellent Deals on Mid-Priced Fountain Pens
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These pens are pretty much geezer items. I doubt if most kids today have ever even touched, let alone used, a fountain pen. Once these were magical names, though: Sheaffer, Pelikan, Waterman, Pilot, Mont Blanc, all pens that top business executives carried in their pockets on a daily basis.

I yield to nobody in my use of technology, but I still have some nice pens, including a Mont Blanc fountain pen/ball point set. I use the fountain pen for handwritten thank you notes or written sigs on typed letters. There’s just something about the silky feel of those inky lines spreading across the page….

Anyway, here are some excellent mid-priced options if a good fountain pen still makes your heart beat a little faster.

Remember – anything you buy from Amazon through any link on this site puts a commission in my pocket, at no cost to yourself, so thank you very much! Also, arf! from the Presidential Pomeranian 2016.

Also of interest:

Any Bets On Whether the Hospital Changes It’s “Gun Free” Policy?
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Doctor Seemingly Defies Hospital’s Policy Against Staff Carrying Firearms. The Decision Likely ‘Saved Lives’ When He Found Himself in Life-and-Death Situation. | Video |

It wasn’t clear if the incident has the hospital reconsidering its policy against trained staff carrying concealed firearms.

Of course they won’t.  Belief in “gun free zones” is magical thinking at its worst.  They’re not going to change their point of view simply because reality makes a bloody, murderous mockery of it.

I Note the Absense of John McCain….
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Jeremiah Denton, admiral, senator and defiant Vietnam POW, is buried in Arlington – The Washington Post

The stubborn old men of “Alcatraz” had come to bid farewell to the legendary occupant of Cell No. 10.

Along with family and friends, the survivors of the notorious North Vietnamese prison gathered Tuesday at Arlington National Cemetery to say goodbye to fellow POW, former U.S. senator and retired Navy rear admiral Jeremiah A. Denton Jr.

They stood beneath the six chandeliers in Fort Myer’s Old Post Chapel on a humid morning and read aloud parts of the 27th Psalm, “Hear, O Lord, hear the sound of my call, have pity on me, and answer me .?.?.”

They followed the horse-drawn caisson bearing their comrade’s body and stood by as Navy jets roared overhead and the smell of the smoke from the rifle salute drifted on the breeze.

The four — Bob Shumaker, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Tex), Jim Mulligan and George Coker — were among the scores of people attending the burial of Denton, who had survived nearly eight years of brutal captivity in North Vietnamese prisons during the Vietnam War.

Apparently the heroic John McCain didn’t show up.  Maybe he’s still capable of the tiniest bit of shame.

Obama Can’t Send Snakehead: He’s Working For Hillary Now
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Israel Overwhelmingly Supports Netanyahu, Approval Rating Hits 82%… | Weasel Zippers

Remember when BJ Clinton sent Snakehead Carville to Israel to organize Netanyahu’s political opponents and their campaigns?

Israel campaign in the hands of America’s top spin doctors | j. the Jewish news weekly of Northern California

WASHINGTON — “Israel can be better, stupid.”

That’s the overarching message Ehud Barak needs to carry if he wants to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to James Carville, one of the top U.S. election strategists hired by the Labor Party candidate for prime minister.

Borrowing from the successful mantra he created for Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign for president, “It’s the economy, stupid,” Carville is hoping to lead another candidate into office.

But if Barak is going to win the Israeli election, he is going to have to beat candidates who themselves are being advised by other American consultants — mainly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who for the second time is using the services of American GOP strategist Arthur Finkelstein.

I suspect that might not work as well today.