Comcast Blocking Women’s Second Amendment Site?
Bill Quick

Guns and Curves (GunsAndCurves) on Twitter

Guns and Curves @GunsAndCurves  ·  6h . @Comcast is blocking our site bc #2A chicks are scary or something. Until fixed, you can read about us on Hot Air. …

Why in the hell would Comcast block a site featuring women who support the Second Amendment?


Mysterious, My Ass
Bill Quick

Feminists oppose anti-date rape drug technology « Hot Air

You can read the article to see the rather jaw dropping responses she got from some “feminists” who amazingly opposed this technological achievement. Their reasons were apparently drawn from far too deep in the well of feminist arcana for me to translate into English here, but they seemed to be saying that roofie detection equipment did nothing to stop the scourge of men assaulting women to begin with. This prompted another great response from Rachel.

This is the equivalent to refusing chemotherapy to treat cancer to make a statement that we need an overall cure to cancer. Your principled stand will only get you a trip to the morgue.

I would spend some time here trying to debate the “logic” of opposing something as simple as nail polish which can help prevent a felony, but as usual, at least some women remain an eternal mystery to me.

There’s nothing freaking “mysterious” about these “some women.”  They are dedicated to a progressive view of the world, and reality is merely one more thing to be made malleable in the fires of their frenzied faith.  In other words they are whackjobs, lunatics, and fanatics:  Nothing mysterious at all, merely more of what we’ve seen far too much of from the progressive zoos over the past hundred years.


Unlike Global Warming Research, This Involves Actual Science
Bill Quick

Great news: You’re paying for a 1 year experiment to find out if the universe is a hologram « Hot Air

Generally I’m a supporter of pure research, even in cases where there may not be an immediate, industrial benefit from the results. You never know what you might learn. And even leaving aside for a moment the impression that this sounds like an idea that was cooked up while smoking pot with that professor from Animal House, Fermilab does a lot of cool sounding research. But a year’s worth of high energy inteferometer experiments to see if we’re all a digital illusion? Let’s recall for a moment who is footing the bill for all of this.

As one of the taxpayers who is presumably paying for some small part of this, I’m fine with it.  I’ve always wondered about the possibility.  Eliminating it would be a good thing, I think, because eliminating uncertainties about the nature of reality is always a good thing from my point of view.

I’d much rather see this that yet another “study” rigged to support the contentions of the global warming religion, whatever they might be on any given day.



Careful What You Wish For….
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » ASHE SCHOW: 5 problems with California’s ‘affirmative consent’ bill. “In the rush to advance legis…

The law is being pitched as a way to ensure the safety of college students. But instead of merely making sure that all accusations of rape are treated seriously, it creates a standard that stacks the deck against the accused.”

The war on men is being waged on many fronts, but the victorious end goal is becoming plain:  Turn men into a powerless, unemployed and unemployable welfare class living off entitlements in a culture run by progressive women.

I don’t think that will end as well as the ladies hope.

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The Wit and Wisdom of the Gods of the Copybook Headings
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » SMART DIPLOMACY: Russia invades Ukraine, Obama expresses ‘concern.’ “There is no better exampl…

“There is no better example of the ruinous Obama foreign policy than Ukraine. The president has issued empty threats, diminished sanctions and refused to allow Ukraine to protect itself. If you are the leader of a Baltic state, you’re probably and justifiably panicked. The president will no doubt issue more empty threats. But that doesn’t do Ukraine any good, and it surely won’t protect other potential victims.

Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances is a political agreement signed in Budapest, Hungary on 5 December 1994, providing security assurances by its signatories relating to Ukraine‘s accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The Memorandum was originally signed by three nuclear powers, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. China and France gave somewhat weaker individual assurances in separate documents.[1]

The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine as well as those of Belarus and Kazakhstan. As a result Ukraine gave up the world’s third largest nuclear weapons stockpile between 1994 and 1996,[2][3] of which Ukraine had physical though not operational control.

Poems – ‘The Gods of the Copybook Headings’

When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.

They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.

But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,

And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

So…how’s all that working out for you, Ukrainians?

You Think He Cares What a Bunch of Endangered Democrat Pols Thinks?
Bill Quick

Obama’s immigration decision could roil 2014 election – The Washington Post

Both political parties are in a state of high anxiety about the possibility that President Obama will allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the country, fearing that White House action on the issue could change the course of November’s midterm elections.

In the past few days, Democratic candidates in nearly every closely fought Senate race have criticized the idea of aggressive action by Obama. Some strategists say privately that it would signal that he has written off the Democrats’ prospects for retaining control of the chamber, deciding to focus on securing his legacy instead.

He doesn’t care.  Obamacare cost the Democrats the House in 2010, and unconstitutional scamnesty will cost them the Senate in 2014.  And you know what?  The Gentry GOP won’t do a damned thing to try to roll back those executive orders even when it does control 2/3 of the government.

ISIL To Attack Homeland US?
Bill Quick

Al Qaeda magazine hints of looming attack; urges bombing of Vegas, military targets | Fox News

There is a suggested list of targets for lone-wolf, or individually executed, terror attacks, including New York’s Times Square, casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas, oil tankers and trains, the Georgia Military College, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and General Atomics defense contractor in San Diego.

“This recipe gives you the ability to make a car bomb even in countries with tight security and surveillance,” one article reads, before providing a “shopping list” of supplies needed to make such a bomb, including cooking gas, oxygen gas, a barometer, decoration lamps and matches.

I have long believed that the absense of 9/11-style organized Muslim terror attacks against the United States has been a matter of choice on the part of the Muslim terrorists.  For whatever reason they have refrained from what they could obviously do.

Well, it seems obvious to me, at least:  You cannot have a country whose borders permit literally millions of illegal crossings, not to mention the passage of vast amounts of drugs and other contraband, and still believe that you are immune to attacks that can be carried out by a relative handful of trained, dedicated men willing to die for a cause.

In other words:  If a Muslim terror gang like ISIL has made the decision to breach whatever decisions have been holding Muslims back from other attacks here in the US since 9/11, then we can expect to see some rather spectacular examples that will likely expose just how much “theater” there is in our “security theater” defenses.

Which means Americans will start dying right here at home.  And any administration that thinks it can “handle” the fallout from something like that is going to be sadly, and badly, surprised.

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Also of interest:

Talk About Ubiquitous Surveillance (And Control)
Bill Quick

New Obama plan calls for implanted computer chips to help U.S. troops heal – The Washington Post

When President Obama on Tuesday highlighted 19 executive actions he says he is taking to improve the mental health of U.S. troops and veterans, one of them centered on a particularly novel effort: The development of new computer chips designed to modulate the nervous system to help with everything from arthritis to post-traumatic stress.

The project is headed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a Pentagon agency that develops a variety of high-tech equipment for the U.S. military. It’s known as the Electrical Prescriptions program, or ElectRx (pronounced “electrics”). Program officials say the goal is to develop a technology that could help people heal more quickly through the use of biosensors and electromagnetic devices that control human organs.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Bill Quick

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I urge you to give it a try. At $3.99 for nearly 700 pages of high adventure, triumph, and tragedy, what do you have to lose?

Continuing In the Long Democrat Tradition of the KKK and Bull Connor….
Bill Quick

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees detail hostile work environment – Washington Times

Evidence gathered by congressional investigators, internal agency documents and Washington Times interviews with workers discloses scores of cases of U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees seeking protection from racially offensive, sexist or discriminatory behavior, including that:

A naturalized U.S. citizen, with more than a decade of service with the U.S. government, was called an “f’ing foreigner” by management.

A department was internally dubbed “the Plantation” because of the number of blacks working in it — all supervised by white managers — without any obvious promotional track or way to get transferred.

White employees were twice as likely to get the most favorable personnel ratings in employee reviews, as were minorities.

Managers intimidated and retaliated against employees for voicing complaints or offering an alternative point of view — from denying vacation requests to hiring unqualified friends to supervise jobs and then asking subordinates to train them.

Evidence of discriminatory pay practices in the agency’s own statistics have even resulted in promises by management of emergency pay raises for minority workers to create more parity, the documents show.

It’s not the storyline that America’s newest federal agency wanted at its inception.

CFPB, the brainchild of Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, was created by then-Sen. Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut and then-Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

The latter two Democrats pushed through legislation in Congress named after them that created the agency to protect consumers from predatory banks and lending institutions blamed for the 2007-2009 financial crisis. And Ms. Warren, now considered by some as a potential presidential candidate in 2016, became its first leader.

Hey.  It’s a Democrat ethnic plantation.  So don’t get uppity.