How do you say Comrade in Spanish?

Feel the Love?

Komrade Jeb Bush of the Demokrat Light Party (DLP), formerly known as the Republikan Party, has finally come to his senses and now embraces Komrade Glorious Leader’s “wealth redistribution” ideology:
Republicans are suddenly talking about income inequality

Farmer, meet golden goose
nemo paradise

I’d like to take advantage of the proprietor’s absence owing to his damaged state to introduce a rare sports story to this site, which shall be very, very brief.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of managers, including many talented teenagers, who could do Roger Goodell’s job. (For those admirable folks who are asking themselves “Who in hell is Roger Goodell,” he’s the Commissioner (?) of the National Football League, a business.)

There is only one Tom Brady. (For the same folk, Tom Brady is the four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the New England Patriots, a division of the aforesaid business.)

Just thought I’d point that out.

Rem Acu Tetigisti
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Today Ann Coulter (who may not be to everyone’s taste around here) posted a remarkably terse and spot-on instruction guide on how to write a NY Times Op-Ed piece. Here’s the money quote:

The main point to keep in mind is that your op-ed is not intended to elucidate, educate or amuse. These are status pieces meant to strike a pose, signaling that you are a good person.

After reading your op-ed, readers should feel the warm sensation of being superior to other people — those who don’t agree with you. The idea is to be in fashion. It’s all about attitude, heavy on eye-rolling.

Read the rest if you like.

Support your local police
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The lieutenant governor of Texas said attitudes toward police officers need to change, beginning with addressing cops as “sir and ma’am all of the time.”

This from PJ Media, along with other helpful instructions issued by the august Lt. Gov, who worries that we don’t do enough to honor our folks in blue.

Actually, addressing the police respectfully is not a bad idea, but won’t the simple and customary “Officer” do just as well? Do we really have to cede them the honorific generally accorded only to knights of the realm, schoolteachers and flight attendants?

But the good LG has more. He is unsatisfied with mere verbal expressions of submission. He would like us to pay tribute in more tangible form:

“Every time you see an officer anywhere, let them know you appreciate their service to our community and you stand with them,” Patrick continued. “If you are financially able, when you see them in a restaurant on duty pick up their lunch check, send over a dessert, or simply stop by their table briefly and say thank you for their service.”


First of all, I live in NYC, and as fond as I am of the NYPD, I would have to concede that the last thing the majority of them need is a free dessert.

Second, I’m pretty sure that most of them, if I offered to pick up their entire lunch tab, would shy like a startled mustang and immediately begin casing the joint for TV crews, cell cameras or some other device of entrapment before telling me to get lost in language that would singe the ears of hardened sailors fresh from the forecastle of a 19th century whaler.

As for telling them I “appreciate their service,” well, I generally do, and the way I signify it is by making eye contact, smiling at them and nodding in greeting as I pass. From ancient days this practice has been sufficient to inform strangers of your good will, and I am not sure, were I a cop, that I would like my lunch interrupted by unctuous well-wishers every time a table of four leaves a coffee shop, as this would create congestion, interrupt ingestion and disturb digestion — so I have a suggestion:

If you feel the urge to pick up lunch tabs for people in uniform, focus your largess on those men and women wearing the issue of our armed forces. Police are generally pretty well-paid, but even senior officers of the military live on a pretty thin stipend, and the enlisted folks can barely afford to buy a beer at a big city bar. And while there may be some occasional hazard to police work, it does not compare to the protracted hells encountered by those who have endured tours of duty in places like Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

To close, I offer a quick story:

Years ago, I was catching up with an old school friend at a pretty pricey Manhattan steak house during Fleet Week, when the city is occupied for several days by thousands of sailors wandering about its streets in various stages of wonder, exhilaration or inebriation. Through the door and up to the bar, which was only a few steps from our booth, walked four young Marines in full-dress uniform, and a stirring sight they were: immaculate blues with razor creases, colorful ribbons, flashing brass and bright stripes of rank spread across their sleeves.

My friend, who had spent some time in places with names like Khe Sanh and La Drang, got up, walked to the bar and spoke briefly to the bartender. When he returned, the bartender turned his attention to the Marines, one of whom asked “Sir, how much is a beer?”

The bartender smiled and said “Your drinks are on that gentleman there.”

The young man came over to our table to thank him. My friend said “Semper fi.”

The marine beamed, and said “Sir, are you a marine?”

“Yes, I was, but that’s not why I bought your drinks.”

“Then why….”

“Because I’m very damned glad that you are.”

When the young man left, I said to my friend, “You know, that’s a great thing you did.”

“Not really. Remember, I bought the last time. This check is on you.”

Since then I have never let members of the military buy their own drinks. The police can buy their own damn beers.

Miss me yet?

Will Jeb! be Bush 45?

Nope. And Nope.–124918.jpg

Police State

Your “Duty” to Protect and Serve the Police

Residents of Huntsville, Alabama who declined to intervene to help a police officer subdue a suspect could face criminal prosecution under a state statute requiring them to assist an officer in trouble. Had the situation been reversed, however, police officers would face neither criminal nor civil prosecution for declining to aid a citizen under assault by a suspect.

Further comment needed? No, I don’t think so.

Glacial Revelations

Cold Cash 1

I’d say that insulting this knob is like shooting fish in a barrel, but the SS would probably get all pissy about it.

The end of days?
nemo paradise

Ever since I was a tyke, my ears have rung with prophesies of doom issued by wrathful soothsayers, ranging from elder relatives despairing this or that sad state of affairs and clergy at various school chapels hurling promises of hellfire, to handwringing ink-peddlers in the media and stern politicians decrying in the most urgent tones the sure cataclysm that awaits us if we neglect to submit to their will.

Lately, however, it seems the pace of this activity has picked up, and rather sharply at that. Whether this owes more to an actual increase in our risk of damnation or to outside factors, such as the proliferation of pulpits offered by the internet and the tidal effect of an impending presidential campaign season, is a topic for further dispute, but the fact remains that optimism about the future is at a low ebb, while the number of potential ruins we face multiplies with the speed of a climate-change computer algorithm.

Are we indeed nearing the end of days? Sure seems like it. Note:

Yesterday, traveling to Alaska to celebrate the restoration of Denali, our president launched into a Jeremiad on climate change guaranteed to instill quaking knees and simultaneous fever and chills into even the boldest skeptic, promising us that nations would drown while others baked in endless drought, that crops would wither and die as billions perished in global famine, that the permafrost would perma-melt, releasing trillions of tons of CO2, which would in turn further ramp up the flames of the inferno until eyebrows scorched, foot-soles blistered and every scalp became a flaming crown of retribution.

He did, however, allow that this can still be prevented, but, as always, was somewhat murky on the details, as the wheels of this particular juggernaut have been turning for quite some time, and even his recent carefully-phrased treaty with China seems to offer little reprieve for the next ten years or so from the emissions of that energetic and still-expanding industrial center. And India? Brazil? Well, certainly there is work to be done, but we must not, as we are frequently reminded, let the perfect be the enemy of good. But what if the alternative to “the perfect” is in fact not “the good,” but “that masquerade of rotten ideas?”

To requote an old friend, CfE,:

Few things are true. Wisdoms which inhabit a future that never arrives are many.

On another front, we have the emerging appreciation that the US is not alone in having an immigrant problem. In fact, it seems as if almost overnight the entire globe has been convulsed into one pandemic spasm of expulsion as large chunks of our more beleaguered nations flee in terror from their native lands seeking asylum in places that must seem exotically weird to them.

We haven’t witnessed this level of refugee flight since World War II, or possibly even the Great Flood, leading us to question what may have changed so radically and so powerfully, to produce such movement on so massive a scale.

Well, we don’t have to look far. The fact is, conditions endured in their homeland by most of these folks are so starkly horrific that even the prospect of death by drowning, or suffocation, or from slow-roasting in the packed-to-the-hatches holds of barely-floating derelict steamers, does little to deter them. They reason, quite properly, that whatever hell may await them in their transit, or however miserable the conditions they will encounter as and if they actually find whatever foreign shore they seek, these can be no worse than those they flee.

This cannot, however, inform their new host nations what actions they may take to absorb them. The result has been abysmal: tens of thousands dying en route, hundreds of thousands camped in filthy shantytowns, angry altruists demanding justice for the refugees and angrier citizens demanding an end to the torrent of strange people speaking strange languages and insisting on their right to asylum.

Here, no words of solace issue from our leaders — only a growing perplexity about how to address both the compassionate and the frightened sectors of their electorate. Which leads us to the final indicator that the apocalypse is indeed upon us.

We have pestilence and famine, we have war and certainly we have death. All that is now required is the emergence of the Antichrist — someone who, like P. G. Wodehouse’s Lord Ickenam, “would be up to some kind of hell that would ultimately stagger civilization and turn the moon to blood.”

Enter Donald Trump. Has any figure in memory risen so swiftly and so far in the eyes of the enlightened from harmless notoriety to a height of infamy rivaling Lucifer himself? Certainly the progressive element of society loathes him with almost breathless vigor, falling over itself in a concerted attempt to snuff out what started as a brushfire and has now erupted into a full-fledged inferno. Where his actual remarks themselves seem insufficiently outrageous, the righteous are pleased to infer or openly invent interpretations more scurrilous still.

But the facts are that Trump is saying what many people have in their hearts, but either fear to say or have not found a way to say it. Is Trump a racist, and by inference his followers too? Or is Trump refusing to let the threat of the “racist” brand silence reasonable and considered objections to lawless migration and the damage it may inflict? Is Trump a narcissistic con man with dictatorial tendencies and no regard for the harm that careless pandering to his base might cause? Or is that the other guy/gal — or even the incumbent?

Nor is it the left alone that may feel threatened by an ideological nightmare. Just yesterday, Kanye West announced at the VMA Awards that he was running for President — but in 2020. Which raises an interesting question: does Kanye mean to imply that the Democrats will lose in 2016? Because if they do not, the incumbent is unlikely to welcome a West candidacy four years later. “Well,” you may say, “West doesn’t expect anyone to take him seriously.” Did Trump?

All the portents seem to agree, therefore, that the seeds of our destruction, now long since sown, have sprouted and are beginning to flourish. Even the stock market, that sensitive and generally impartial soul, has been trying to tell us that the good times are over, and Pharaoh’s lean kine now stalk us. What can we do?

Here we have some words of counsel, again not our own, but from CfE. Don’t believe everything you are told.

Newspapers suggest what might be, and the reader elects the speculation to office. Does the poor consumer of dancing ink remember how often these plungers have been wrong? No. He can’t wait to sail out again on the next rubber boat inflated with the gas of possibility. Truths that are sold and consumed before they are true are not very valuable because they are not very true.

Our problems are real, and complex. But the solutions proposed are simple, and therefore fantastic. Things are not simple, and fixing them will take more than “the gas of possibility.” In the interim, the best choice may be the advice offered some time ago by Douglas Adams:

“Don’t Panic.”

Reuters Feels Sorry For the Robbers
Bill Quick

Livid over crime, some Venezuelans resort to mob justice – Yahoo News

Venezuela has the world’s second highest homicide rate, at 53.7 per 100,000 people in 2012, according to the United Nations, and weapons are easily available.

Easily available?  But that’s…impossible:

Venezuela: Best Gun Control Laws in the World so Violence is Down….not really. | Gun Free Zone

Venezuala’s gun laws are the dream of every Gun Control Activist: One gun per lifetime, mag capacity, fixed number of ammunition a year, background checks with psychological examinations, no reloading of ammunition, gun confiscation at any time without due process or  reason, etc. And I forgot, there has been no legal firearm sales for almost 2 years after the importation of firearms for civilian use was shut down and very few gun stores that existed were ordered to shut down.

Communist utopia.  Come and enjoy.

I’m talking to you, Sean Penn.

BTW:  Homicide rate of 53.7 is about ten times that of “Wild West” USA.

Getting Fixed Tomorrow
Bill Quick

I’ll be at the hospital having a hernia repaired tomorrow (Wednesday), so, depending on how I feel, posting may, or may not, be light.

If they give me enough heavy-duty pain meds, posting might not only be light, but even more incoherent than usual.

I’d appreciate if my fellow editors could help fill in the gaps.


It’s…Just A Mystery
Bill Quick

Germany: Syrian Migrants Riot After Man Throws Koran In Toilet

A man, who tore pages out of the Koran and threw them in the toilet, ended up being chased by an angry mob through the streets of a refugee shelter in Suhl, Germany, this week.

In total, over 17 people were injured during the incident, including six police officers and members of the press, according to reports. It remains unknown if the Koran-desecrating man would have survived had there not been a police presence in the immediate area.

I can’t imagine why Germans (and other Europeans, as well) aren’t thrilled at a massive influx of “refugee” Muslims.


I Wonder What Sort of Party Will Replace the GOP?
Bill Quick

Why Donald Trump’s populist attitude toward the rich is a mortal threat to the GOP

And the aggrieved reaction of party elites to the insult given them by Trump and his voters will also prove toxic in a general election and beyond.

This is a somewhat roundabout way of saying that the GOP establishment will fight like hell to defeat Trump in the general.

Okay.  If that’s how they wish to destroy their own party, bring it on.

We’ll bury them.


Bill Quick

Trump Has Succeeded in Convincing Conservatives to Discard their Principles Overnight

Odd.  I trashed my own principles when I voted for people like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney.

Trump-hating NRO certainly seems to be getting their money’s worth out of their immigrant minion, though, don’t they?

My Crystal Ball Says….
Bill Quick

Here’s how GOP Debate Two will go.

All of the candidates on that stage, except for Cruz (and maybe Fiorina, who’s still angling for the Veep slot), as well as both Ruling Party hacks “moderating” the thing – will spend 90% of their time attacking Trump.

He’ll shake them off like a big dog shedding fleas, and stalk off that stage as the alpha male in charge.  And surge close to the fifty percent mark in the polls to follow, because Americans will be offended by such raw and naked bias against him.

The wailing and lamentations will be awesome.

And maybe then they send in Zombie Mittens.

Although, frankly, just how delusional would Mitt have to be to snap at that particular bait?

Kanye Who? What?
Bill Quick

Kardashian memes take over Twitter as Kanye West announces presidency run | Daily Mail Online

Every presidential candidate needs the support of the nation.

And as Kanye West announced he was running for president in 2020 during the MTV VMAs on Sunday, the internet promptly reacted in spectacular style, with hilarious memes both supporting, and mocking, the outlandish star’s latest step toward world domination.

Making his promise at the end of a rambling acceptance speech for his lifetime achievement award, Yeezus may not have completely won over the public, but his loyal family and celeb pals were soon on board the presidential bandwagon. 

I’m sure this was completely accidental.  I doubt it will work, though.  Very few GOP or Trump voters have any idea who Kanye West is, and those who do likely despise him.

Get Ready For…Mitt?
Bill Quick

NY Mag: Mitt Romney’s Contempt for Trump Gets Him Up in the Bullpen – Breitbart

Mitt Romney is disappointed by the Republican establishment’s inability to take out Donald Trump–which may pull him into a more active role in the 2016 presidential primary, reports Gabriel Sherman.

Oh, yeah.  Mittens Romneycare to the rescue.

I’d pay fairly good money to watch the ensuing slaughter.  I’ve already said that Jeb! should just change his name to Mitt.  That stands about the same chance of “rescuing” the flailing establishment candidates.

In all fairness, though, gotta give Allahpundit the last word on this:

Oh yes: Some Romney donors still holding out hope he’ll jump in and rescue the GOP « Hot Air

The more you hate Romney the more you should want him in the race, not just for strategic reasons, because it’ll split the center further, but for sheer comic value. If you think it’s funny watching Trump invent new insults daily to question Bush’s masculinity — we can’t be more than a week away from him calling Jeb “low T” — then you’ll have the time of your life watching him hassle Mitt as a choke artist whose piddling $300 million fortune would relegate him to carrying people’s clubs at Mar-a-Lago.

Rube-eo Tries to Con The Rubes One More Time
Bill Quick

Rubio to Trump: ‘America is great’ right now | TheHill

GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Tuesday continued to push back against front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” instead of going after the billionaire businessman himself.

“There’s one other candidate running, he says he’s going to make America great again,” Rubio told about 200 people gathered in a community center in Nevada, according to The New York Times.

“I understand what he means by that. I don’t mean that as a slight,” the Florida senator insisted, according to the newspaper.

“I would remind everyone America is great,” Rubio continued.

Yeah, Rubio, that’s why Iran, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Russia, and China all defer to us and follow our lead.

See, dumbass, the thing is, you think all you have to do is mouth stuff that sounds patriotic, and that will be enough to con the boobs and bubbas back into line.   But we know that America is no longer great, not the way she once was, and so we respect people who acknowledge that reality and then offer programs to remedy the problem, rather than coughing up lies you think are congenial to the rubes you’re trying to con.

I know you can’t stop lying –  it’s who you are and what you do.  But you’d think your slow death in the polls would clue you that you aren’t fooling anybody but yourself.



Dear Whackjob: The US Is Not a Theocracy
Bill Quick

Judge orders Rowan clerk to appear in court Thursday after she again denies marriage licenses | Politics and Government |

MOREHEAD — A federal judge has ordered Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and her deputies to appear in his courtroom Thursday and explain why Davis should not be held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses.

Shortly after opening her doors Tuesday, Davis told two same-sex couples who asked for marriage licenses that she would not issue them, despite a federal court injunction ordering her to do so.

In a brief but tense encounter between Davis and a couple dozen marriage-equality demonstrators who crowded into her office, the clerk repeatedly refused to comply with the court order.

“Under whose authority are you not issuing marriage licenses?” someone in the crowd asked Davis.

“Under God’s authority,” she responded.

“I’m willing to face my consequences and you all will face your consequences when it comes time for judgment,” she said. “Plain and simple.”

Good.  Enjoy your jail time.  I know I will.

You ain’t God, bint.

What Does the Bible Say About Only God Can Judge?

There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?


ACLU wants Kim Davis in contempt of court –

The ACLU said they do not compel her compliance through incarceration, but instead they urge the court to impose financial penalties “sufficiently serious” to compel her immediate compliance without further delay.

It will likely take jail time.  Fines will just fuel fundraising on all the usual sites. 

What Explains PajamaBoy Bush? He’s a Loser, That’s What
Bill Quick

Jeb Bush’s 2016 Campaign — What Explains Jeb Bush’s Sudden Free Fall? | National Review Online

“Trump has put all other GOP candidates in the same blender — they are all indistinguishably small,” concludes Castellanos. “At some point, one of these boys or girls is going to have to step up, have a big alpha-dog battle with Trump and seize this race by the throat. Kill the king, become the king. The next debate seems as good a time as any to me.”

If that’s what it’s gonna take, get ready for GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump.  It sure won’t be Jeb! PajamaBoy Bush, who seems to be able to take on Trump only by muttering PajamaBoy snark – in Spanish – to obscure foreign language outlets for people who won’t vote for him anyway.

Imagine.  Bush is telling Mexicans that Trump is too liberal.  Is he trying to get them to vote for Trump?

Jeb Bush, Donald Trump feud intensifies in Republican primary – World – CBC News

Trump released a web video of his own later in the day highlighting Bush’s praise for the Clinton family. And on Twitter, Trump noted that other presidential contenders have tried to take him on.

He dismissed Bush’s video as “yet another weak hit by a candidate with a failing campaign. Will Jeb sink as low in the polls as the others who have gone after me?”

Well, that’s certainly what I’m hoping for.


IBD/TIPP Poll Shock: 59% of All Americans Support Mandatory Deportations for Illegals

Meanwhile, Jeb goes after Trump– mostly in Spanish.

Yeah, PajamaBoy Bush is gutsy like that.

Mitch “Obama’s Bitch” McConnell’s Not Even Going to Pretend to Try This Time Around
Bill Quick

Mitch McConnell to conservatives: Look, we don’t have the numbers in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood « Hot Air

We do have the numbers to force a shutdown, but McConnell’s already ruled that out. I’m going to look on the bright side here: At least this guy’s trying to spare us another dismal episode of GOP failure theater. If we had a majority in the Senate that was prepared to dig in and have this fight on principle, no matter what the polls say, it’d be worth considering a shutdown. Obama might blink if it lasted long enough. Because we have the majority we have, there’s really no point. It’ll play out just as lefty Bill Scher says — after a few days of shuttered government, not only will Boehner and McConnell offer a clean continuing resolution in the name of ending the standoff but Democrats will increase their demands as a condition of voting for it, perhaps insisting that the GOP end sequestration as their price. We won’t gain anything and we might very well lose something.

Here’s your general telling you he doesn’t believe we can win this war. Even if you disagree, do you still welcome that war knowing that he’s in charge of it?

The only wars these gutless, cowardly pussies ever even try to win is the ones with their conservative opposition.

In this, there is no difference between them and their fellow Democrats of the Ruling Party.


Mitch McConnell: Gee Whiz But You’re Not Gonna Believe This Guys, But We Just Don’t Have the Numbers to Defund Planned Parenthood, Even Though, In Our Hearts, We Like Super Want To and Stuff

Allah says he’s at least sparing us another performance of #FailureTheater.

I disagree. He’s giving us a show, but a sloppy, completely-unrehearsed one, and he’s phoning in his performance.

This Just In: We’re expecting to give birth to an 8 pound, three ounce full reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, so we have that to look forward to.

Oh, goody.

BTW, you do know that Donald Trump opposes reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank, right?  Yet another reason the big boys of the Donor Class hate him.

Bernard Goldberg Got Trump Right From the Beginning – But He’s Still Badly Wrong
Bill Quick

If GOP Loses in 2016 — Blame Conservative Purists| National Review Online

So, if these were normal times, the numbers would be bad news for The Donald. But these are not normal times. Pundits who are still confidently saying he can’t win the nomination are the same ones who said he’d never get this far. Or to put it another way: The smarties aren’t as smart as they think they are.

Uh huh.  Earlier Goldberg:

Trump says this time he’s really, really serious. Is he?

Here we go again.

Donald Trump says he’ll tell us soon if he plans to run for president. I’ll tell you now: He won’t. The boy has cried wolf once too often.

The Donald would like being president, that’s for sure. Running and losing is something else altogether. Trump is the guy who fires people. Nobody fires him. And that includes GOP primary voters. He won’t give up a hit TV show to be a long shot, at best, in a crowded GOP field.

Uh huh, Mister Smarty Guy.

But Goldberg seems to have figured out something about Trump a good bit before anybody else did. How did he do this? Instead of asking several of his best bubble friends forever about it, he actually sat down and listened to the man himself. (I know – how crazy is that?)

And that may be too bad. Sure, he’s not taken seriously by sophisticated political journalists who see him as a loud-mouth tycoon who brags too much about his ratings and his hotels and his golf courses — and who just might decide, if he ran and somehow won, to put the letters T-R-U-M-P on the White House … in gold.

But I watched an interview Trump did recently with Bret Baier on Fox, and The Donald, said the kind of things that just might resonate with ordinary Americans.

“Our country is going to hell, we have people running the country that don’t know what they’re doing,” he said. That might ring a bell with independents who have grown weary of Barack Obama and might see Hillary as Obama’s third term stand-in.

If he runs, he says, his campaign slogan will be: “Make America great again.” Sort of rhymes with “It’s morning in America,” a slogan that worked for Ronald Reagan.

Ok, Ok. Trump isn’t Reagan. But you get the idea.

And so do several million other Americans now.  But I give you your props:  You picked up on it earlier than just about anybody else, me included.

If GOP Loses in 2016 — Blame Conservative Purists| National Review Online

And the conservative purists, who swear they will never vote for a moderate, will have to abandon their ideological purity — or abandon all hope of a GOP victory.

If the object of that victory would be to put another scamnesty-loving, big-spending, big-government, “compassionate (welfare) Republican’t conservative” into the White House, you are delusional if you think we’re going with that program four times in a row.

You think the only thing we should care about is winning one for the Big R Team.  Too bad.  Because we’ve decided we’d rather win one for ourselves, America, and the American people.  And if we can’t do that, we’ll just take our ball – and yours – and go home.

Choke on it.

Good Lord
Bill Quick

Rand Paul: US-Canada wall ‘pretty dumb’ – Business Insider

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday responded to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) Sunday comment that a wall along the U.S.-Canada border is a “legitimate issue” to consider.

“That’s a pretty dumb idea,” Paul said on Boston Herald Radio when asked to respond to Walker’s suggestion.

Huh.  I assumed Walker was indulging in some sort of arcane “inside-Wisconsin” joke.  You aren’t trying to tell me he was serious, are you?

Trump does have them snapping and gasping like fox terriers on meth in a room full of flies, doesn’t he?

At Amazon: One Stop Shopping For Emergency Supplies
Bill Quick

The Emergency Preps Store at Amazon

This is where you start.

Big Savings on Standby Power for the Entire House

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The Berkey Water Filter Store at Amazon

Berkey is my main water-filter, both for everyday and emergencies. I keep mine in the kitchen, constantly refilled with tap water. Berkeys will even filter out impurities as small as viruses. I have several different filter systems, as well as other water purification methods, but Berkey is the one I’ve used every single day for the past four years.

Dynarex N-95 Flat Folded Respirator and Surgical Masks – Box of 20 Individually Wrapped N95 Masks. Meets CDC Guidelines for TB Exposure, NIOSH Approved. Protects against transfer of microorganisms, bodily fluid and particulate material.

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Mountain House can be slightly more spendy than some other brands, but in my experience it offers a wide variety of very tasty and easily prepared long term storage foods. Essentially you just add water and heat. In some cases water is enough.

Much of my base long term food is in the form of popcorn (I have a grain mill – and the cornbread I make from freshly ground popcorn is the best I’ve ever eaten), pasta, rice, and beans. But I have several cases of Mountain House stuff to go with it – pour the beef stew over a plate of rice for a tasty and filling meal, for instance.

Water Purifiers at Amazon

Would you be able to keep yourself supplied with pure water if your local water plant shut down for any reason? I would.

I take a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. I can’t prove it, but I think they do me a lot of good. At least I seem to be in considerably better shape than most guys my age – 68. If you take them, make sure you have a couple month’s supply on hand at all times.

Multi-Serving Emergency Food Supply Kits

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The Emergency Preparations Bookstore at Amazon

There are ways to keep a collection of e-books in a grid-down emergency, but many preppers prefer a dead-tree library of such things. I have a core library in that format, although most of my stuff is digital. Of course, I do have ways to use e-books more or less perpetually.

Emergency and Long Term Storage Foods and Supplies

In order of importance, there are three things you need to get through an emergency: Water, food, and shelter/power. This helps cover the first area.

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That Was Fast
Bill Quick

Now we’ll switch to “how do we explain Ben Carson?” « Hot Air

Ever since the news broke about the new Monmouth poll showing Ben Carson tying things up with Donald Trump in Iowa, a sort of fire drill has gone on in the liberal media. After spending months trying to explain why in the world anyone could possibly support Donald Trump and listing the endless reasons why you would be wrong to do so, these same sage observers now feel compelled to come up with an explanation as to why anyone would be in Carson’s camp.

Or not.  The newest, hottest poll has Carson down 7 in Iowa to Trump.

The Best Flayed Plans
Bill Quick

Inside the GOP Plan to Prevent Donald Trump’s Third-Party Run

The epis­ode cap­tured the com­plic­ated re­la­tion­ship between Trump and a Re­pub­lic­an Party still haunted by the memory of the 1992 in­de­pend­ent in­sur­gency of Ross Perot, who many in the party still hold re­spons­ible for the de­feat of George H.W. Bush and the as­cent of Bill and Hil­lary Clin­ton.

Even though it’s not true.  But it does absolve the party leaders of any responsibility for the terrible nature of the George H.W. Bush candidacy in that year, which they all supported, while congratulating themselves that they had banished the specter of that conservative boob Reagan to the dead past.

Privately, then, Re­pub­lic­an lead­ers are brazen in their Trump-bash­ing. They are call­ing his bluff on an in­de­pend­ent bid, as­sert­ing un­equi­voc­ally their be­lief that he will not dare fol­low through…

The World of Trump is littered with the defeated corpses of those who thought Trump would never dare to do something.

Trump and I are about the same age.  And I’ve pretty much been full-tilt don’t-give-a-fuck for several years now.  I suspect Trump may be of a similar mindset.  Just because the GOP is terribly worried about it’s “brand” (which is why it never seems much worried about America or Americans) doesn’t mean that Trump shares that particular vulnerability.

Bluster and Bravado
Bill Quick

Obama: ‘…As We Push Our Economy and the World to Ultimately Transition Off Fossil Fuels’

( – President Barack Obama said in his weekly address today that four villages in Alaska are in “imminent danger” because of climate change and that safety will be his administration’s top consideration in permitting offshore oil and gas drilling “as we push our economy and the world to ultimately transition off of fossil fuels.”

Guess what, Mom Jeans?  We’re going to push you out of the White House long before any of that comes to pass, and that will be the last anybody hears of your war on Americans and American energy.

Birth of Another Fanatic
Bill Quick

My daughter was killed on live television. I will do whatever it takes to end gun violence. – The Washington Post

Last Wednesday, my daughter Alison was brutally struck down in the prime of her life by a deranged gunman. Since then, I have stated in numerous interviews with local, national and international media that I plan to make my life’s work trying to implement effective and reasonable safeguards against this happening again.

In recent years we have witnessed similar tragedies unfold on TV: the shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona, the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut and of churchgoers in South Carolina. We have to ask ourselves: What do we need to do to stop this insanity?

In my case, the answer is: “Whatever it takes.”

You have my condolences on the murder of your daughter.  But the only thing that might have prevented it from happening would have been a brutal and all-pervasive police state able to effectively ban and confiscate all firearms in private hands.

And I will never sign on to that level of “whatever it takes,” not to save your daughter, or to save you, or even to save my own life.


Today’s Polls – And The Daily Roundup
Bill Quick

PPP has a new national poll of “usual” GOP primary voters (whatever that means).

Trump Supporters Think Obama is A Muslim Born in Another Country – Public Policy Polling

PPP’s newest national poll finds Donald Trump just continuing to grow his lead over the GOP field. He is at 29% to 15% for Ben Carson, 9% for Jeb Bush, 8% for Carly Fiorina, 7% for Marco Rubio, 6% each for Ted Cruz and John Kasich, and 5% each for Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker. That group makes a pretty clear top 9. Rounding out the field are Chris Christie and Rick Santorum at 2%, Jim Gilmore, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry at 1%, and Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and George Pataki at less than 1%.

So, the total “no-hoper loser” vote now amounts to 8%, maybe?  Hardly worth Trump’s time to pick them up.

So much for the GOP establishment’s scheme to spread the anti-Jeb! vote across a whole clownshow of losers.

Instead, we’ve got the “pro” Jeb! vote spread across Jeb! himself, Rubio, and Kasich, and outsiders getting pretty much everything else.

Here’s Some Math For You – Daily Pundit

Which leaves us with Trump, Bush, Cruz, and Walker.  And I wouldn’t mind Fiorina hanging around at a potential veep, because I think she’d be ideal in that slot.

Is Trump going to be President?  I highly doubt it.  But he has veto power over the Republican candidate.  The establishment is consoling itself with the notion that Trump will self destruct so badly that even if he does go third party, he won’t hurt them.

What they don’t get is that people like Trump because they hate the establishment. And as long as Trump looks like an effective battler against that establishment, they will continue to support him – even in a third party, let it burn run.

But that is a problem for later in the campaign.  The first thing we need to do is run this gang of rodeo clowns out of the race.  And that is what Trump is perfectly suited for at the moment.

GOPe figures in both politics and the media are complaining that Trump is sucking all the air from the room.  And he is.  And thank god for it.  If we are really lucky, he’s suffocate four or five of these no-hopers before the debates even kick off.  And he may suffocate a few more right there on stage in front of us.

You need money to run campaigns.  Trump has that, no problem.  But most of these others really don’t.  And without it, they’re in a death spiral.  The Jindals and Perrys and Christies of the world can huff and puff, but if you’re at two percent, your backers, such as they are, are going to get tired of pretending your hobby horse is going anywhere but back to the basement, and they are going to dump you, and you will go away.

And that is what needs to happen to about ten of you right freaking now.

As for all those worried about oxygen sucking, why?  What “issues of substance” would have been discussed if Trump hadn’t exploded like a well-thrown hand-grenade?  I’ll tell you:  Nothing of substance would be discussed.  You would hear nothing (those few of you actually paying attention) because  America won’t wake up until the back-to-school shopping is done in fall of 2016 – and anything said today might as well have been whispered on Mars for all they will know or care.

All you’d be getting right now is canned talking points written by Gentry GOP hacks and flacks knowingly designed to bore you into somnolent acceptance of the inevitable.

Trump shook the fark out of that, too.  So:  Dragging the conversation in directions it needs to go, forcing significant candidates to respond to the concerns of the base they’d rather discretely slide over, and choking a double handful of miserable poseurs out of the race entirely.

I wrote that several weeks ago, but it holds up pretty well.  Better, at least, than the crap “professionals” like the Hot Gas Gang and Red States Tool Company were spouting at the same time.

As for that “Many Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim” thing, the fact is an even larger number of actual Muslims believe the same thing.

And this:

Scott Adams thinks Trump is taking aim at Jeb!’s attack ads:

Trump: The “Bad System” Linguistic Bayonette | Scott Adams Blog


“Bad system” is a test balloon.

Watch what happens to that phrase in the next 24 hours. If it gets quoted a lot (more than this blog would explain) it will be lethal.


Big Picture move: Fix the money, fix it all.

Who agrees with him that the system is bad? Every human alive. Even the lobbyists doing the bad.

To which I would also add:  All Trump needs to do is keep hammering at who is paying for all those ads on Bush’s behalf, and what do they expect to have bought in return?

Although that is pretty much the core subliminal here.

Finally, this:  DJIA shits bed.  Again.

^DJI: 16,058.35 -469.68 (-2.84%) : Dow Jones Industrial Average – Yahoo! Finance

We’ll see how well 16K holds tomorrow.

Oops. Nearly 2/3 Back Mandatory Deportation of Illegals
Bill Quick

Shock Poll: 59% Back Trump On Mandatory Deportation of Illegals –

Immigration: When Donald Trump proposed mandatory deportation of illegal aliens, pundits and politicians on both sides of the political aisle were appalled. But on this issue it looks like Trump has the public on his side.

The fire from the right was almost as fierce as that from the left. “It’s not conservative and it’s not realistic and it does not embrace American values,” said Jeb Bush.

Sen. Lindsey Graham called it “absolute gibberish.”

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer called the idea “crackpot” and “morally obscene.”

But the prize for overheated rhetoric goes to Hillary Clinton, who said Trump wants to “literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up, put them, I don’t know, in buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border.”

So what do these folks say about the fact that the majority of Americans back Trump on this?

The latest IBD/TIPP Poll asked 913 adults coast to coast if they “support or oppose mandatory deportation of illegal immigrants in the U.S.” Not surprisingly, 87% of Trump supporters back the proposal.

What’s surprising is that 59% of the overall public does as well. Mandatory deportation gets majority support in all age groups except 18-24, every income group, among both women and men, at every level of educational achievement, and in rural, urban and suburban regions.

More interesting still is the fact that 64% of independents and 55% of moderates support deportation.

Even among Hispanics, the poll found 40% backed mandatory deportation — although the sample size is too small to make much of that number.

By leading rather than reacting, Trump has changed the conversation on all sorts of things.

He’s not done yet, either.

Feel the “love” yet, Jeb!?

The Bank For the Little Guys
Bill Quick

Export-Import Expiration — Jobs Predictions Not Coming True | National Review Online

I imagine that the company’s executives are also outraged and a little bit stunned that this time around, its massive lobbying effort ($69 million since 2012, according to the New York Times) hasn’t produced the usual large returns. So expect the company to continue beating the drum about all the terrible consequences the end of Ex-Im will have on its bottom line and the welfare of its workers — even though nothing is likely to happen and big companies will continue to go about their big company business. But for now, we can take comfort in knowing that this New Deal–era program is still in liquidation.

Here are the poor, feeble US companies “supported” by the Ex-Im Bank:

No wonder John “Donor Class Boner” Boehner and Mitch “Donor Class Bitch” McConnell are in such a lather to get the thing reapproved.

Oh, and just for drill:

Donald Trump’s Policy Views — Are They Getting a Little More Serious? | National Review Online

Ex-Im: He called it “feather bedding,” something that benefits just politicians and a “few companies” that could “do well without it,” and “really not free enterprise.” This is all quite correct — and those who worry Trump’s close ties to big business and fluency with obtaining favors from government (hello, eminent domain) can be a little more confident that he’ll be pro-market, not pro-business.

Bet you didn’t know that Trump opposed the Ex-Im Bank renewal, did you?

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Site Notes: Bunch of Mis-Dated Posts
Bill Quick

I’d scheduled a bunch of posts last night, but in the date switch from August to September, my blog editor re-dated them to October.  I just fixed it, so they all now appear.  The first one is at 5:30 AM today. 

Scroll back to read them.

Site Notes: Bunch of Mis-Dated Posts
Bill Quick

I’d scheduled a bunch of posts last night, but in the date switch from August to September, my blog editor re-dated them to October.  I just fixed it, so they all now appear.  The first one is at 5:30 AM today. 

Scroll back to read them.

No Nation or Culture Is Better Than Any Other – Check Your Damned Privilege!
Bill Quick

Barbarism: In Northern Rural Indian Village, Two Young Girls Are Sentenced by a Council of Elders To be Raped As Punishment For Their Brother Running Off With a Married Woman From a Higher Caste

So the village council of wise men has come up with a great compromise that satisfies all parties — the 23 and 15 year old sisters are sentenced to be raped, then paraded through the town naked.

Oh, and if this isn’t offensive enough, they’ll be in blackface when paraded naked through town.

This story adds a couple of details — they’re not just sentenced to be raped, but to be repeatedly gang-raped (I guess the council of wise men couldn’t decide who’d get to do the raping, so they decided they all would join in).

The 23 year old has petitioned the Indian Supreme Court for protection. You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but these backwards-ass barbarians apparently have a lot of autonomy in their stupid, primitive tribal “justice” systems.

What this proves to me is that Western civilization is corrupt and awful and that we have to learn to appreciate the cultural contributions of undocumented Americans living in remote Indian villages.

How dare Donald Trump stand up for American Exceptionalism!  What a clown!  What a buffoon!

GOP Donor Politics As a Second Language
Bill Quick

The anti-Trump angst grows – The Washington Post

They do not believe Trump will be the nominee, but high hopes for a deep, quality field have not been met. In particular, they are worried that Trump’s embrace of “nativism” will doom the party if mimicked by others.

Let me translate that for you:  They are drenching their drawers over the fact that the 17-candidate clownshow they so carefully constructed to grease Jeb!’s path to the nomination with only 20-25% of the overall vote has been not just crushed by the advent of Trump, but that Trump has coopted their entire strategy and turned it to guaranteeing his own victory with similar metrics.

Oh, and “nativism.”  What that means is, “Thanks to Trump, they’re on to us now, and our amnesty scam is going up in smoke!”

Good to see that Jennifer “Bimbo” Rubin is still enthusiastically swallowing dick-tation from her GOP donor-class owners, though.

One More Time: Donald Trump Is Not a Gun Grabber, and Ben Domenech Is a Lying Hack
Bill Quick

Donald Trump Hangs The Elephant

Trump’s support is solid despite the simple fact of his policy positions in favor of higher taxes, gun restrictions….”

I hope Ben is well-paid for his unstinting work in semaphoring out the dicktation choked down his guzzle by his donor-class owners.  That said, one more time, he’s lying about Trump being a gun-grabber:

» Donald Trump Talks: Gun Control, Assault Weapons, Gun Free Zones & Self Defense Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

AmmoLand: Karl Rove recently voiced support for a repeal of the Second Amendment as a way to stop gun violence. What do you think of this suggestion or, as our readers believe, is it a God given right that can not be repealed by politicians?

Donald Trump:

“Karl Rove is a proven loser. He wasted $400 million in 2012 and did not win a single race.

“The Second Amendment is a bedrock natural right of the individual to defend self, family, and property.  It is a ridiculous notion to ever repeal it.”

“For Rove to even think it shows a lack of respect for all of the freedoms in our Constitution and a complete ignorance of our shared American inheritance.”

Rove is, of course, a big backer of Jeb! Bush, and a mainstay of the GOP Donor Class that owns the party establishment.  Read the whole link, by the way – if only the rest of the GOP’s candidates were as staunch in their own support of the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

More Trump:  At the NRA

The Real Conservatives of Hot Gas World
Bill Quick

Let the attack ads begin: New Jeb Bush ad hits Trump for being a fake conservative « Hot Air

Trump is a fake conservative and Jeb’s not the only candidate who’ll end up making sure that voters know it.

Define “real conservative” for me, Mister Hot Gasser.

Is it Mike Hucksterbee and his big government welfare state?

Is it Rick Santorum and his theocratic welfare state?

Is it Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and their open borders America?

Is it Rand Paul and his somewhat garbled and opportunistic Liberetarianism?

Is it Ben Carson’s socon certainties mixed in with basic misunderstandings of things like the Second Amendment?

Is it Scott Walker’s weathervaning scrambling?

Or is it Donald Trump’s First Things approach which says I will stand up for America and Americans. I will put them first. I will defend them against all enemies, domestic and foreign. And I will make America great again.

That last seems at least as “conservative” an approach to me as anything your “real conservatives” have on offer.

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With Trump, Every Problem Represents An Opportunity
Bill Quick

GOP Elite Charts Four Paths to Destroy Trump – Bloomberg View

Every major Republican presidential campaign, and every allied super-PAC, confronts the same question at their morning strategy meetings: What do you do with a problem like Donald Trump?

In a nutshell:  The elites see Trump as a problem.  But his supporters see him as an opportunity.

They’re both right.

He’s an opportunity to destroy the elite choke-hold on the Republican Party.

The Bleak Magic of the Hot Meat Solution For Social Security
Bill Quick

Lindsey Graham Questions Virility of New Hampshire Man

“If you don’t have a baby boom of 60-year-olds, you better supplement your labor force because we’re running out of workers,” Graham said in his familiar stump speech. “So, the demographics of the baby-boom retirement require us to improve the immigration system that’s completely broken … and it requires us to adjust the age of retirement and means test benefits to save the country from becoming Greece.”

I’m surprised Graham is saying so baldly what most of us understand is one of the real reasons the Ruling Party is so united on the matter of importing tens of millions of immigrants, by hook or by crook, into America.  (Into Europe, too.)

They believe in Hot Meat Magic – that if you just get enough warm bodies into the country, and encourage them all to fuck as much as possible, you will eventually wind up with a population large and productive enough to string out the Ponzi Scheme entitlement system long enough to bury the Baby Boomers who will shortly be subjecting it to enormous, even existential stresses.

Unfortunately, these new “immigrants” aren’t all that economically productive, no matter how reproductive they may be.  As a group, they put more financial stress on the overall system than they alleviate, because as a group they are net takers of governmental largesse.

And since government money is fungible throughout the entire system, the share going to Jose and Maria’s welfare programs is not available to fund Grampy Boomer’s Social Security and Medicare programs.

In other words, Grahamnesty is a suicidal dumbass.  But we already knew that, right?