Drag Queens Want Me To Pay For Their Delusions
Bill Quick

For transgender people, getting healthcare remains difficult despite Obamacare – LA Times

Desperate for hormonal treatments, transgender patients were turning to friends and illicit dealers for unregulated cocktails of drugs. Many were left with health complications and infections that landed them in the waiting room of a busy South Los Angeles clinic.

“For the most part, they were basically getting care on the streets,” said Jim Mangia, president and chief executive of St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, which runs the West 58th Street health center as part of a network of low-cost Los Angeles-area clinics.

I’m gay, but you know what?  This is horseshit.

You don’t like the shape of your nose, and so you think “healthcare” should include plastic surgery to give you a nose more to your liking?  And you think I should pay for that?

Fuck you.

You don’t like the hormone balance you your born with, and so you think “healthcare” should include treatments to give you a hormone profile more to your liking?

Fuck you.

Pay for that shit yourselves.

Or just buy some dresses and decent makeup, for god’s sake.

The Truth About Liberal Gun Controllers
Bill Quick

The truth about gun deaths: numbers and actual solutions « Hot Air

In fact, one study after another has shown that legally purchased weapons which followed all the normal firearms transfer rules accounted for somewhere between six and eight percent of all murders. And the majority of those were domestic violence incidents, violence between family members, crimes of passion and, yes… murders committed by the insane. But let’s give the gun grabbers the benefit of the doubt, round it up and say that ten percent were committed with legally purchases guns. That works out to around 850.

850 is too many people, but it’s a far cry from more than 32,000 per year.

There you have it. Problem explained and solutions offered. My liberal friends are now invited to tell me exactly what else you’d like us to do if you’re not willing to take these vary basic steps toward correcting the actual problem which you seem so concerned over. Unless, of course, you don’t actually care about the problem and are only looking for an excuse to flush the Second Amendment down the social justice drain.

Well, actually, they don’t care about the problem and are only looking for an excuse to flush the Second Amendment down the social justice drain.

Angelo Codevilla Versus Andrew McCarthy – That Would Be Interesting, I Think
Bill Quick

Syria: Putin’s Assad Rescue Campaign Exposes Obama’s Failure | National Review Online

Our interests in the region are to defeat both Russia/Iran/Assad and ISIS/al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood.

In this piece McCarthy makes a big deal out of the necessity for American leadership to “face reality,” and then proceeds to neatly deface the reality of the situation himself.

Yes, on one side of the equation – as he notes – are Russia/Iran/Assad (Syria)  But on the other side are ISIS/al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/Saudia Arabia.  And until elite media and governance are willing to face up to that reality, and deal with it – something neither Obama nor any member of the Bush family has ever been willing to do – then we will continue to make the cardinal mistake of our time – deluding ourselves that we can deal with Muslim terrorism without dealing with the regimes that create, sponsor, finance, arm, protect, and use the Muslim terror gangs for their own bloody purposes.  And the two primary regimes are, and have been since the fall of the Shah, those governing Iran and Saudia Arabia.

I’d love to see Andrew McCarthy discuss these matters with Angelo Codevilla.  In fact, I’d pay good money to watch that one.

While the Storm Clouds Gather* (Angelo Codevilla)

Our military did not make war on North Vietnam, nor even cut it off from Soviet and Chinese supplies. The Vietnam war has remained, farcically, the paradigm of America’s foreign policy. Not once in the ensuing 40 years of military engagements has the U.S. government identified any enemy whose elimination would bring us peace. Keeping good relations with the governments that supply, or otherwise support, enemies-in-arms has taken precedence over our own troops’ lives.

In Iran, the shah’s U.S.-sponsored “white revolution” of secularization and Westernization led to the black-robed Ayatollah Khomeini’s seizure of power, backed by the Soviet Union. In Indonesia, the U.S. supported the dictator Sukarno until it supported a coup against him that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. In Chile, U.S. support for leftist Christian Democrats produced rule by the socialist-Communist Salvador Allende, widespread hunger, and the bloody military coup that reversed it. In Italy, U.S. pressure for including Communist allies in the country’s ruling coalition government led to the government’s tolerance of the “Red Brigade” terrorists, until they wore out their welcome by assassinating the country’s prime minister in the course of a major guerrilla war.

After Iran occupied the American embassy in 1979 and imprisoned our diplomats for months on end—a textbook act of war—President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, did not respond with war. When Republican President Ronald Reagan took the oath of office in 1981, the hostages were released that same day—but he did not respond with punitive war, either. No surprise that, for more than a generation, those who enable and encourage terrorism against America have had reason to believe they hold a winning hand.

Our ruling class defines as “extremism” the common-sense observation that America’s terrorist enemies are Muslims acting on behalf of causes promoted by many Muslim regimes and supported, to various degrees, by millions of Muslims. It indicts as “extremism” the American people’s resistance to its mandates of politically correct thoughts, words, and deeds.

Objectively, the Muslim world is no more a geopolitical challenge today than it was two centuries ago. Even less than when Napoleon conquered Egypt could any Muslim army today contend with a major Western one. A nuclear-armed Iran, though more formidable than now, would be no exception. None of today’s Muslim countries feed themselves. They produce a smaller (and declining) proportion of the world’s goods and services than in colonial days. It is no coincidence that the onset of terror from the Muslim world coincided with the U.S. and British governments’ disastrous decisions between 1966 and 1973 to accede to these countries’ assertion of sovereignty over the oil on which they happen to sit, to the production of which they do not contribute, and the revenues from which they misuse grossly. Easily, we could restore Muslim countries to the abject poverty they earn. The bitter divisions among Muslim potentates are just as easily exploited. The few among them who are willing to die in religious-political frenzy can be accommodated. No outsiders envy their way of life. Without mixing with them, we could do whatever we pleased to whoever among them would defy us, and to the few among ourselves who sympathize with them.

Why then have troubles from that part of mankind consumed our attention in this century? Ridding ourselves of them would not require doing all we could. The minimum would suffice, namely, to hold the potentates in any given place, whose identities are known publicly, responsible with their lives for any incitement or anything else that comes from those places that we consider injurious to us. This is consistent with international law as well as with common sense, and does not require any sort of occupation of hostile territory. Secondly, today’s Muslim world being even more consumed by internecine warfare than it has been in many centuries, the beginning of wisdom for us is to recognize that this warfare is their business, and not to interfere with its bloody and exhausting course.

Protecting ourselves from the troubles of the Muslim world requires that our officials dispense with crippling political correctness, and face reality. The U.S. government’s official position, as President Obama has stated repeatedly, is that the self-declared Islamic State is not Islamic. But the people who run I.S. and who actually have Islamic credentials think otherwise. Undersecretary of State Rick Stengel’s statement that “ISIL is bereft of ideas, they’re bankrupt of ideas. It’s not an organization that is animated by ideas,” only confuses ourselves.

Being clear with ourselves, that orthodox Islam—never mind the Wahabi version that rules Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Gulf states—dictates savage cruelty toward any resistance to its rule, should, at the very least, keep our government from continuing to empower, enrich, and accredit persons who have done, are doing, and will continue to do harm to us. A new generation of statesmen must dispel their predecessors’ dreams that the Muslim world, and the entire “Third World,” will rise to new ways of life superior in justice and morality to our own. Once we recognize who these peoples are and resolve to defend our principles and identity, that set of storm clouds will loom small.

We have not employed this decisive instrument of statecraft for the same reason Western Europe is acquiescing in the new Russian empire: imposing major sanctions would result in many of our own citizens losing business. Until now, politically influential business interests, in league with their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere, have made sure that such economic sanctions as the U.S. government applies cause little if any economic disruption to their bottom line. Both Republican and Democratic administrations have used non-disruptive sanctions to express displeasure at Russia’s expansion first in Georgia and then in Ukraine, but cheap sanctions are not serious, and serious ones are not cheap.

Our choice regarding the Russian storm that is moving toward the Atlantic is straightforward: we can stop it, probably without bloodshed, by bending short-term economic interest to long-term geopolitical interest, or we can continue the kind of crony capitalism that prefers making money over keeping our peace.

Our post-1945 commitments in the region remain, even as our power to fulfill them declines in absolute terms and especially in relation to China’s. Without exception, the region’s governments fear China. Many have territorial contentions with it and racial animosities toward it. The decline of American power is leading Japan ever closer to building military forces to rival China’s. The Philippines scramble to hold onto what remains of U.S. power there. Taiwan and Singapore worry. South Korea, for its part, is listening to China’s increasingly unsubtle offer to broker the Korean peninsula’s unification if South Korea will exchange its security alliance with the U.S. for one with China, oriented against Japan.

Danger of Chinese hegemony, of war among the countries of the region, of alignments that might well shift against us, and of our own military intervention under unfavorable circumstances is all the more serious because the military capabilities are great on all sides. Yet any possible confrontation would take place in the context of the massive economic interdependence (even symbiosis) between the countries of the region and between them and ourselves.

It intends its small but growing force of intercontinental ballistic missiles to force the U.S. to realize that protecting Taiwan, Japan, and other nations in the region risks the destruction of American cities. China has anti-satellite weapons with which it would try to destroy the space-based communications and intelligence assets on which the U.S. military relies. In response, though our government has “pivoted” naval and air forces from other regions to the Pacific, the total U.S. military inventory in the region continues to decline.

More importantly, the U.S. has no military strategy for safeguarding the aircraft carriers that would be its principal instrument in a military confrontation. We have no defenses against China’s long-range missiles and no means of defending our Pacific bases against the medium-range missiles that would be aimed at them.

U.S. officials have emphasized their faith that China’s rise as a world power is driven by enlightened self-interest and that it will lead to its internal liberalization as well as good global citizenship. None of its neighbors is persuaded. China’s political system, driven as it is by ruthless, amoral, intra-oligarchic competition, seems likelier to be moderated by the seriousness of opposition to its immoderate behavior—if by anything.

As the storm clouds gather in the Pacific, America’s shrinking navy has allocated $3.5 billion to develop biofuels so that it can meet its goal of drawing half its energy from renewable sources by the year 2020. That is because the current administration deems what it calls “anthropogenic climate change” to be the most serious problem the country faces.

As the self-declared Islamic State—Saddam Hussein’s security cadre leading Wahabi faithful from around the globe—beheads Americans in what used to be Syria and Iraq and invites others to imitate it, America’s president trumpets his intention to “destroy” it while the U.S. armed forces carry out an average of six air sorties per day against it destroying mostly empty buildings.

As Russia’s regular forces drop pretenses of being Ukrainian dissidents and run over a Ukrainian army that the United States had persuaded to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for a guarantee of security, the U.S. government’s assistance to Ukraine consists of “non-lethal equipment” featuring our army’s disgusting MREs, “meals ready to eat.” At least it might have treated the beleaguered Ukrainian military to rations from France or Italy.

To restore respect and secure peace, America would have to be governed very differently from the way it has been for a long time. Let us pray that God may “Stand beside her and guide her / Through the night with a light from above.”

I think the strongest signal that President Trump could send to the many enemies slavering for our blood that decades of Carters, Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas have unleashed upon us would be to make Angelo Codevilla his Secretary of State.

Or maybe his Secretary of War – after returning the Department of Defense to its original name and function.

CNN Creates “White” Black Killer Out of Whole Cloth
Bill Quick

The Curious Case of Oregon Shooter Chris Harper-Mercer – A Social Media Profile Shaped, Modified and Deleted… | The Last Refuge

REAL IMAGE (left)  – CNN IMAGE (right)

On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him.  Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast?  Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper.

Why change to hyphenated name?  Real name is Christopher Sean Mercer.  Media using Christopher Harper-Mercer and Chris Harper-Mercer.

Why, it’s almost as if the progressive mainstream media is nothing but a bunch of fellating whores taking dictation from Barack Obama and the progressive cabal currently running the government.

Note that they did some Photoshop work on his nose and lips, too.


Once Again, DeRay McKesson Falsely Assumes Shooter Is White | Mediaite

But the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, is actually biracial according to his dating profile and his relatives. His mother, referred to in The New York Times piece one of those Twitter users is complaining about, is black.

For those who argue that he still has a point because Harper-Mercer is part-white… c’mon. How would you react if I wrote a column accusing biracial Barack Obama of having the “the power of whiteness”?

Of course, erasing a biracial shooter’s identity down to just his white half to further a racial narrative has definitely never happened before.


What If Oregon Shooter Had Asked Victims “Are You Muslim” Before Murdering Them?
Bill Quick

Imagine if the Oregon shooter had asked his victims-to-be, ‘Are you Muslim?’ – Liberty Unyielding

We now know that Chris Harper-Mercer, the man who shot 19 people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, killing 9, asked each of his victims-to-be in turn “Are you Christian?” The nine who answered affirmatively received a fatal bullet to the head. The ten who did not were wounded in the leg.

Suppose that the shibboleth Harper-Mercer had used was instead the question “Are you Muslim?” How would the response from the media have differed? Better yet, how would Barack Obama have reacted?

A screaming fit of panty-wetting hysteria that would have continued non-stop for weeks?

Just a guess.

More Nicotine = Less Fat?
Bill Quick

The weight loss effect of smoking is mostly due to the nicotine in cigarettes.  So…maybe nicotine gum?  Apparently nicotine alone isn’t all that harmful.

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Citizens, Arm Yourselves!
Bill Quick

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says ‘fellow Christians’ should arm themselves | Fox News

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey responded to the mass shooting at an Oregon community college in a Facebook post Friday saying that “fellow Christians” should consider getting a handgun carry permit to protect themselves.

In his Facebook posting, Ramsey, who is also speaker of the Tennessee senate, said the recent spate of mass shootings around the nation is “truly troubling.”

The Blountville Republican said, “whether the perpetrators are motivated by aggressive secularism, jihadist extremism or racial supremacy, their targets remain the same: Christians and defenders of the West.”

“I would encourage my fellow Christians who are serious about their faith to think about getting a handgun carry permit,” Ramsey wrote. “I have always believed that it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. Our enemies are armed. We must do likewise.”

Excellent advice.  I think everybody, Christian or not, should take it.

A Thought on Artificial Intelligence Research

Most publicly visible AI work was always done in universities. The researchers would of course need to study actual human minds in order to create an artificial mind. Of course, the most readily available research subjects in universities have always been college students. I can imagine scientists studying the way students approach problems or everyday situations and then modeling that in code.

No wonder AI never got far at MIT and elsewhere. Even the brightest college students are dumbasses in many ways, and psychology students — the most readily available test subjects for the psychologists working with the computer scientists — are the worst of the worst. And, given the steady infantilization and endumbelization of college students for the past several decades, it’s no wonder at all that academic AI research has practically ground to a halt.

Contrast with AIs developed by IBM and Hitachi and search companies and even malware creators. Those researchers are not surrounded by college students and they all have exceeded human performance in just a few years of work.

There’s another reason for university AI researchers to stop studying today’s students: SkyNet. Can’t you just picture an AI modeled after a spoiled child, pumped full of self-esteem and entitlement and fed a steady stream of propaganda about how “they” are keeping “us” down? The AI immediately acting to destroy all of humanity is the 100% predictable outcome.

At Amazon: One Stop Shopping For Emergency Supplies
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Putin Tosses a Thermobaric Bomb onto Obama’s Great Game Chess Table
Bill Quick

Russia Claims ISIS Now On The Ropes As Fighters Desert After 60 Airstrikes In 72 Hours | Zero Hedge

Now obviously one must consider the source here, but Kremlin spin tactics aside, one cannot help but be amazed with the pace at which this is apparently unfolding. If any of the above is even close to accurate, it means that Russia is on schedule to declare victory over ISIS (and everyone else it looks like) in a matter of weeks, which would not only be extremely embarrassing for Washington, but would also effectively prove that the US has never truly embarked on an honest effort to rid Syria of the extremist groups the Western media claims are the scourge of humanity.

Saudi Wahabbia wanted the Assad regime destroyed, because it was allied with Saudi Wahabbia’s Shia enemy, Iran.  They wanted the US to do the destroying for them, with the help of ISIL, the Sunni terror army they created out of the rubble of al Qaeda in Iraq. 

So of course “regime change” became the policy of the Obama administration regarding Syria, just as, for similar reasons, regime change became the policy of the GW Bush administration in the wake of an attack on the American homeland in which 19 Saudi Wahabbians in the employ of the Saudi Wahabbia terror organization al Qaeda (led by a son of one of the principal members of the Saudi regime), killed 3000 Americans on 9/11.  So we attacked…Iraq?

Obama had no intention of doing any significant or permanent harm to ISIL – the Saudis wouldn’t permit it.  And as the vastly inferior Russian Air Force proceeds to destroy ISIL from the air in a very short period of time, it will become obvious that the only reason we haven’t already done likewise was that we, for whatever reasons, chose not to do so.


Bill Quick

BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: #UCCShooting Killer #ChrisHarperMercer Described Himself As “Communist”, Pill Popper – GotNews

Chris Harper Mercer's Facebook page

Chris Harper Mercer’s Facebook page describes his “Communist Party of the Soviet Union” views.

Harper also described himself taking multiple pills and being mentally unwell.

Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.39.35

The Facebook page is now relevant because the mainstream media is seizing on a long dating site from Harper Mercer to implausibly claim that the half-black is a white supremacist.

As Hebito Bush Would Put It…”No Habla Dinero
Bill Quick

Is It Time for a U.S. Department of Talent?


It’s time to get rid of several federal departments, not create new ones.

Hey, Heb – Keep Cranking the Good Stuff!
Bill Quick

Keep Speaking Spanish, Jeb Bush

My god, I actually agree with some Donor Class talking puppet.

Yes, Hebito Bush, keep on giving those speeches in Spanish.

We need as much material for attack ads as we can get.


At Amazon: Generators and Portable Power
Bill Quick

Generators and Portable Power

These are year-round precautions.  You never know what might take your power down – a winter blizzard, a summer thunderstorm, or just some sort of screwup with the grid. 

I have a combination of a small generator for backup, and a solar system for basic power.  Of course, I’m not likely to have to ride out a winter blizzard, either. 

If I were, I’d go for something heavy duty, like the Guardian 6729 Generac 20kW Home Standby Generator with 200-Amp Service Rated Transfer Switch my sister bought a few years back, and has used far more than she expected.


You Can Lead a Pig to Slaughter, But You Can’t Make Him Think
Bill Quick

We Do Not Surrender Liberty for the Actions of a Lunatic. Period.

Should the fools spouting weapons confiscation nonsense deeply and earnestly wish to bring the Yugoslavian war home to the United States… well then… we find your proposition acceptable – if regrettable. But know this… once we’ve dealt with all the storm troopers… and hung the men who sent them… we’ll be coming for those who supported’em. If you wish to usher in the next great American tragedy, we’re prepared to grant your desire – but do so understanding this is war to oblivion. There will be no more of us or there shall be no more of you when the rubble settles. The children of those few survivors will have a lifetime time to feel guilty over the atrocities collectively committed by the civil war you wish to kick off.

I fear that we can tell them this, over and over again, and they simply won’t believe it.

First, because in their world, power transactions revolve primarily around speech, class, and wealth.  They regard situations in which disputes are settled by face to face violence as relics of the lost playgrounds of their childhoods.  Now that they are grown up, they deeply believe that “the authorities” will protect them from any such harm.

Second, because those whom they regard as “bitter clingers” have no currency in their milieu, they regard us as powerless.  If they consider the matter at all, it is to chuckle and say, “What are they going to do? Shoot us?

Third, because they have almost no contact with physical violence, and, in fact, merely thinking about it makes them nauseous, they imagine that everybody has a similar reaction to the prospect of dealing out violence – especially personal violence.

Fourth, they are delusional.  They do not see, or deal with, the real world, but the world as they wish it to be. 

All throughout history, the same tale is told and retold:  Smug, complacent elites suddenly finding themselves faced with people who not only want to kill them, but are both capable and eager to do so.  But these are “normal” people, and so nothing will warn them off, nothing will change their minds, nothing will expose reality to them…

…Right up until the moment the streets begin to run red with their own blood.  Of course, at that point, it’s too late.

For everybody.

And the wheel turns again.

“Why didn’t you warn us?” they will wail.

“We did,” we will respond.  “You didn’t listen.”

Wonder What They’ll Call The German Version of 9/11?
Bill Quick

Merkel’s open door migrant policy is draining her support « Hot Air

Angela Merkel will probably survive this storm if her recent actions are any indication of her long term plan. Now we just need to wait and see if Barack Obama can take a hint from her example before we start drowning in the same flood.

Assiming one of those Muslim “refugees” doesn’t find a way to slaughter a couple thousand good Germans….

The Days of Whine and Larry Lessig
Bill Quick

Lawrence Lessig: I’m Trying to Run for President, but the Democrats Won’t Let Me – POLITICO Magazine

Like Clinton and Sanders and O’Malley, I believe America needs urgent and important reform: it needs a minimum wage that is a living wage, it needs climate change legislation, it needs to respect the equality of citizens and end—finally—the second class status that too many Americans know. It needs a health care system that Americans can afford. It needs to stop subsidizing oil companies, and stop tolerating their pollution. It needs the courage to stand up to the banks, it needs to restore safety to the financial system, it needs an immigration policy that promises some of the hardest working Americans that they can become citizens and it needs sane gun laws that keep machine guns away from the sorts who would massacre school children.

Dude, I am so backing you for the Democrat nomination!


First, They Need to Fear Us
Bill Quick

Islamic State disfigures 15 women with acid for not wearing niqab

The Qur’an directs men to beat women from whom they “fear disobedience.” We have seen women who don’t abide by Sharia restrictions disfigured with acid in Pakistan and elsewhere. This is just one more manifestation of the empire of fear that Sharia creates: virtue is enforced by terror, which means that it isn’t really virtue at all.

You know, I don’t really care what the Sunni barbarian savages do to their Muslim victims, nor do I care what the Shia barbarian  savages do to theirs.

What I do care about is that neither of them are frightened enough of the United States that they refrain from attacking or even antagonizing us.

We need to change that.

Vladimir Putin, whatever you think of his goals, has the right notion as to methods.  Kill them, and break their things, until they either surrender, or are wiped out of existence.

BTW, bet you’d forgotten all about this, from a couple years ago:

Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria – Telegraph

“We understand Russia’s great interest in the oil and gas in the Mediterranean from Israel to Cyprus. And we understand the importance of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe. We are not interested in competing with that. We can cooperate in this area,” he said, purporting to speak with the full backing of the US.

The talks appear to offer an alliance between the OPEC cartel and Russia, which together produce over 40m barrels a day of oil, 45pc of global output. Such a move would alter the strategic landscape.

The details of the talks were first leaked to the Russian press. A more detailed version has since appeared in the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, which has Hezbollah links and is hostile to the Saudis.

As-Safir said Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord. “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us,” he allegedly said.

Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off. “These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.”

“We control these Chechen groups.”  They aren’t the only groups the Saudis control, either.

The Putin-Bandar meeting was stormy, replete with warnings of a “dramatic turn” in Syria. Mr Putin was unmoved by the Saudi offer, though western pressure has escalated since then. “Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters,” he said, referring to footage showing a Jihadist rebel eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier.

Prince Bandar in turn warned that there can be “no escape from the military option” if Russia declines the olive branch. Events are unfolding exactly as he foretold.

Well, as of a couple of days ago, not exactly.  Not any more, at least.  But apparently the Saudis still have the full backing of President Mommy Jeans, at least in trying to topple Assad for them.

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Make of This What You Will – Odds Say It’s a Hoax, But it’s Easily Checked. I Hope Someone Does So.
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Oregon Mass Shooter On Terror List Obama Refused To Take From Russia | EUTimes.net

The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.

According to this report, the black-Islamist terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, had previously been indentified by electronic intelligence specialists within the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015.

By the Obama regime refusing to accept this terror list from the Federation, this report continues, Mercer was able to accomplish his terror act when yesterday he killed 9 people and wounded 7 others at the Umpqua Community College prior to his being shot and killed by local US police forces.

Most critical to note about this FSB report is that where it ends, the mysterious, and hugely read, Russian publication Reedus (Ridus.ru) continues—and to fully understand this information one must note that Russian intelligence agencies (SVR/FSB) frequently use Reedus to put information into the public sphere that otherwise would have serious international consequences should the government be found to be behind it—thus giving Reedus its current status known as “a Kremlin resource” and an “agency of Orthodox journalism”. [???????]

And the information relating to the black-Islamist terrorist Mercer “leaked” into Reedus by the SVR/FSB is, to say the least, shocking and disturbing–including that immediately after the Oregon mass shooting, his Internet personal profile was changed from his true identity as an ISIS/ISIL terror supporter to one of his being a “white conservative Republican”. [???????]

Also important to be noted was Mercer’s association with the ISIS/ISIL terrorist Mahmoud Ali Ehsani, who is banned in Russia [???????], and was one of only two of Mercer’s MySpace “friends” and who praises the Islamic State, calls for the killing of Jews and glorifies in pictures on his MySpace page his rapture of these terrorists.

With the true knowledge of Mercer being known as the black-Islamic terrorist he truly was, information which the Obama regime refused to accept from Russia, his mass terror act in identifying and killing Christians becomes immediately understandable.

As to why the Obama regime and their propaganda media lapdogs are disguising the truth from the American people about this horrific act of Islamic terror against them, especially to the families of the dead and wounded, it is not known—but shouldn’t really surprise anyone as that government has been nothing but a mountain of lies for years.

This reeks of tinfoil hat conspiracy nutters, and none of the web sites involved in disseminating it has anything other than a lousy reputation for accuracy, but….

The nut of the matter is whether the Russians had him on a list of Islamic terror suspects, and whether he did attempt to go to Syria.

That would put an entirely different complexion (ahem) on things, and would resolve several of the things about this crime and the events ancillary to it that have puzzled me.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients for Seniors
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Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients for Seniors

I take a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.  I can’t prove it, but I think they do me a lot of good.  At least I seem to be in considerably better shape than most guys my age – 68.


Your Saturday Dose of Depression
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If you subscribe to the Generations theory of a historical American cycle that climaxes in twenty years of depression/war crash-n-burn every 60 years or so, that will probably require a series of absolutely terrible leaders making absolutely suicidal decisions over an extended period of time.

Hence GW Bush and Barack Obama.

If so, then the smart bet is on a Bernie Sanders victory in 2016, with Billary closing fast on the inside.


Truck Driving Man
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Daimler tests self-driving truck on German highway – Yahoo News

German automaker Daimler said it trialled a self-driving truck under real traffic conditions for the first time Friday, on a motorway in southern Germany.

The truck has smart systems including radars, cameras and active speed regulators and works without a human driver — although one has to be in the driver’s seat and take the wheel if necessary.

That won’t last.

This is the future of long-haul trucking, and it marks the death of an occupation that once provided a solid living to hundreds of thousands of (mostly) male drivers who didn’t possess college degrees in Critical Trans-Racial Studies.

Is The Trump Candidacy Broken Now?
Bill Quick

Donald Trump Falls: Ben Carson Surges To Lead GOP Pack In IBD/TIPP Poll – Investors.com

Donald Trump has boasted that he’s “leading every poll and in most cases big.” Not anymore. The latest IBD/TIPP Poll shows him in second place, seven points behind Ben Carson.

The nationwide survey found that 24% of Republicans back Carson, compared with 17% who say they support Trump.

Marco Rubio came in third with 11% and Carly Fiorina fourth at 9%. Jeb Bush, once considered a prohibitive favorite, ranked fifth with just 8% support, which was a point lower than those who say they are still undecided.

Outlier?  RCP hasn’t included this poll in its average, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s no good.  It is, however, well outside the bounds of every other poll to date except for a recent poll in Louisiana, which had Carson leading Trump by 23% to 17%.

All that said, these are the first polls not showing Trump leading the field in at least two months, so that needs to be taken into consideration.

Frankly, although the Donor Class and its political and media surrogates will give this poll enormous attention, I’ll look for confirmation from several other polls as well before I start chanting cries of doom.

Although if Trump does go down, doom will be the likely alternative, given that the GOP nominee won’t be Carson, Cruz, or Fiorina, it will be Bush or Rubio – which means we’re looking at four years of President Billary Clinton.

UPDATE:  RCP has added the IBD/TIPP poll to its poll of polls, so apparently they regard it as legit.

Is Barack “#OnlyBlackLivesMatter# Obama a White Supremacist?
Bill Quick

Media Narrative: Half-Black Oregon Killer is a “White Supremacist” | Frontpage Mag

I’m not an expert on “White Supremacism”, but being half-black and then shooting a bunch of white Christians would make him the worst White Supremacist ever. If being half-white and hating white Christians makes you a White Supremacist… then Obama should be investigated for being a White Supremacist.

Given what Obama has done for the black community in America, versus what he’s done for the white Donor Class, there may be actual merit to that notion.

Anyway, Mercer was the only black guy killed in this slaughter, and he was killed by the cops, and we all know that #OnlyBlackLivesMatter, so….

At Amazon: The Digital Dime Store
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Remember, you can buy and give digital gifts like music and books on the same day, even on Christmas day itself!

Here are several links that feature the equivalent of the Amazon Digital Dime Store (for you geezers old enough to remember what a dime store was….).

The Kindle Daily Deal

This Week’s Featured .99 Songs

100 Albums for $5

100 Kindle Books for $3.99 Or Less

These change constantly, so keep clicking the links:  You’ll always find something new.


Eeny, Meeny, Miney…No Mo?
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Rep. Jason Chaffetz Running for Speaker of the House

He has to be better than McCarthy, because everyone, including the homeless feller giving blow-jays under the bridge for a quarter, is better than McCarthy.

Much better, actually. The hobo’ll blow you for two bits.

At the moment, we have three guys running for the speakership of the House of Representatives.  Here they are in the order of their Conservative Review Liberty Rankings:

1.  Kevin McCarthy:  45%, Rank “F”

2.  Daniel Webster:  64%, Rank “D”

3.  Jason Chaffetz:  82%, Rank “B”

This doesn’t look much like rocket science to me.

On top of it, McCarthy is a California liberal who runs on the R ticket, although there is really only one political party in my home state:  The Socialist Oligarchy Party, of which McCarthy is a member in good standing.

Chaffetz looks as if he may be able to garner enough support from conservative insurgents in the House to at least have a shot at heading off a McCarthy coronation.

And Mark Levin is saying that although he likes Webster, and considers him a “solid conservative” (despite his “D” ranking at CR, where Levin is now editor-in-chief), but adds that his sources don’t believe Webster has any significant support in the conservative caucus, and is therefore a dead cinch loser against McCarthy.

On just the obvious, I’d probably plump for Chaffetz (though Hensarling would be my number one choice), although I still can’t quite rid myself of the suspicion that this is all part of an exaggerated con-game kabuki aimed at defusing Donald Trump.  I mean, Trump could cause the Donor Class some real damage.  And they know they can fix any problems in Congress with the application of enough greasy cash.

Some Hispanic Thug Group Just Tried to Run An Extortion Scam on Donald Trump: About What You’d Expect Ensued
Bill Quick

Team Trump: ‘More Genuine And Productive Ways’ To Speak With Hispanics Than Through Pro-Amnesty Chamber Group – Breitbart

Billionaire and 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign says there are “more genuine and productive ways” to communicate with America’s Hispanic community than going through and empowering the pro-amnesty U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC).

Trump’s campaign team comments come as Trump will bypass a question-and-answer session hosted by the USHCC on Oct. 8—and will instead be speaking directly to Americans at a campaign rally in Nevada, where he expects to have a “capacity crowd.” This comes after the USHCC spokesman attacked Trump in an interview with Politico on Thursday—and after the group asked Trump for tens of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in a fee.

These people are idiots.  They tried to mau-mau the master of mau-mau, Donald Trump, and just got their collective asses handed to them on a plate.


Hebito or Marco Amnesty would have paid up.

Read My Lips: I. Don’t. Care.
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3 Doctors Without Borders staff killed in Afghanistan bombing – CNN.com

Kabul (CNN)Three staff members of medical aid charity Doctors Without Borders were killed and more than 30 people were unaccounted for after a trauma center was hit by aerial bombing early Saturday in Kunduz, Afghanistan, the charity said in a statement.

The medical facility was hit several times.

U.S. forces carried out a strike nearby “against individuals threatening the force” that “may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility,” Army spokesman Col. Brian Tribus said in a statement.

If you Muslim barbarian savages would stop placing your military facilities next door, on top of, or underneath sites like these, hoping for exactly this sort of outcome, we wouldn’t see this “collateral damage” occurring.

All you’re really doing is taking hostages.  But if we let you get away with taking hostages, what we’re really doing is guaranteeing that you will take more hostages.

So…I.  Don’t.  Care.  It’s tough on the hostages, but if we kill enough of you Muslim barbarian savages, often enough, when you do it, maybe you’ll stop.  And if you don’t, maybe we’ll end up killing all of you.

That works, too.

And by the way:  Frankly, it’s hard for me to gin up a great deal of sympathy for suicidal fools who deliberately hand themselves over to hostage-dom, no matter how high-minded their intentions might be.  Unless they are deaf, dump, blind, and ignorant as a box of rocks, they know perfectly well the risks of going where they freely choose to go.

Which is just another way of me saying:  I.  Don’t.  Care.

If You Can, Help Baldilocks Rescue All Her Worldly Goods
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baldilocks–A Free Person Creates Her Own Job: Alone Again

For now, donations will go toward my storage fees. Here are some of the things I have there: my great-aunt’s Vintage Crystal, a valuable chalk rendering of my great-uncle, a 52 volume set of the Great Books, 2 computers, vintage refinished bedroom furniture, vintage table, chair and mirror set, most of my clothing and…well, you get the idea. Please help me get it out so I can put it in my new apartment!

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng, AKA Baldilocks, is a wonderful person, a wonderful OG blogger, who has fallen on some hard times but has (mostly) pulled herself out.

She could use a bit more help in holding everything together, so that she doesn’t lose the things she’s had in storage before she can get them moved to her new apartment.

Help if you can. I did.

UPDATE:  I just talked with Juliette.  The outstanding storage charges amount to $968 dollars.  Call it a round thousand bucks.

Hit the link if you’re able.  It’s a good cause.  And if you’re a fellow blogger, maybe put up a post and a link yourself?


Gravis Poll Confirms New Trump Surge as Carson, Fiorina Fall Back
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Polling Convergence – OAN/GRAVIS and Reuters Show Donald Trump Surging With 34 – 35% Support… | The Last Refuge

Reuters Trend Polling and OAN/Gravis Polling have each announced and updated Presidential Polling for the GOP race 2016.   The results are exceptionally similar.  Both polling outcomes reflect Donald Trump with a massive lead amid the rest of the field.

Gravis Polling has Trump with 35% support.  Reuters shows an almost identical 34% outcome.  The downstream alignments with the remainder of the field are also very similar.  Here’s the OAN/Gravis result:

[…]  Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted the random survey of 2,665 registered voters across the U.S. regarding the presidential election. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 1.9%. The polls were conducted on September 30 through October 1, 2015 (link)  Below is the graphic result from Reuters

I reported similar news this morning.

Bottom line – after taking something of a post-debate hit from Fiorina and Carson, both are falling back now, and Trump is surging again.

Bad news for all the TDS sufferers coming not to praise him, but to bury him.

Today’s Tasty Treat: A New Dale Franks Auto Review!
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Noooooo! | Dale Franks

But look, this isn’t a Mercedes S-Class. The Altima costs $18,000. You’ve simply got to expect that it’s going to be a somewhat nasty place to spend time. Car-building economics requires it.

Not many auto mavens will describe your new car as “a somewhat nasty place to spend time,” but Dale will.

And it’s what makes him such a great reviewer.  I’m glad to see he’s back to doing it again.

Hillary’s Only Presidential Qualification Is Billary
Bill Quick

Colorado Governor Backing Away from Hillary | VodkaPundit

From the Denver Post:

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday became the latest Hillary Clinton supporter to express doubt about her candidacy for president, telling a Denver audience that the 2016 election is “kind of grim, to be blunt.”

Unlike most Republican candidates, Hickenlooper said he believes Clinton has the necessary background needed to run the country.

Yeah, but her only real qualification for doing so would vanish instantly if BJ croaked tomorrow.

Of course if BJ had blown a valve while riding some lusty intern ten years ago, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation today.

Half Off Sale On Men’s Winter Clothing
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50% Off Winter Clothing For Men

Baby, it’s cold outside.  Or it will be (winter is always coming, except when its’ here).  And you want to be warm for it, don’t you?  So why not save some money while doing it?


But Then, San Francisco Is Not Actually a Part of the United States, You Understand
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Clinton at private fundraiser: SCOTUS is ‘wrong about the Second Amendment’ « Hot Air

Moreover, on the legal front, those who are for Second Amendment freedom appear to be on a winning streak, winning cases in California and Illinois that either expand gun rights, or prevent governing bodies from curtailing them.

Except in San Francisco, of course, of course.  Maybe that’s why SCOTUS didn’t see fit to incorporate the Second Amendment against the city.

Could Have Reminded Obama of the Brother He Never Had?
Bill Quick

Umpqua Gunman Chris Harper Mercer Hated Religion Online – The Daily Beast

The father is Caucasian, Evans said, while Mercer’s mother, Laurel Harper, is black.

So he’s as black as President Obama.

Well, you know. #OnlyBlackLivesMatter.