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The Clash of the Narratives
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Pushing to confront Ebola at its West African source, President Barack Obama said Wednesday the United States was not immune to the disease but cautioned against discouraging American health care workers with restrictive measures that confine them upon their return from the afflicted region. “We can’t hermetically seal ourselves off,” he declared.

As I keep telling you, the real reason Obama can’t seal the borders against people from West African nations with Ebola outbreaks is that it might give Americans unhealthy notions about doing something similar concerning illegal immigration outbreaks.

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Remember – anything you buy from Amazon through any link on this site puts a commission in my pocket, at no cost to yourself, so thank you very much! Also, arf! from the Presidential Pomeranian.

In Which Rand Paul Tells Lies About the GOP
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Vote Republican for Limited Government – Reason.com

It is the Republican party that is trying to limit government power and this is an ideal that all libertarians firmly believe in and support.

Really?  Where is the Republican Party trying to limit government?  When?  How?

If this is the case, why has government grown larger, more powerful, and more expensive every year for the last fifty, under Democrats and Republicans alike?

If his message was that some, including himself, within the party wanted to limit government, that, at least, would contain a modicum of honesty.  But the party itself has not been about limiting government for decades now.

Krauthammer: Another Country
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Krauthammer: If Republicans Can’t Win Senate “Maybe The Party Ought To Look For Another Country” | Video | RealClearPolitics

And when you are not only the party in government, you are the party of government, and you preach about the glories of government and in fact you get Hillary saying the other day, you know, it’s not corporations that create jobs. The implication being it’s government then if you are incompetent and you lose the confidence of the people you are in trouble. And you have every scandal there is — everything from the V.A. to the Obamacare rollout to the Secret Service and now with Ebola, where they are running around, have no idea what to do and they change the protocols every other day.

So, given the climate, I think it would be — you know, if the GOP can’t win back the Senate in a climate like this maybe the party ought to look for another country…

Why not?  The establishment of the party has been looking for a different base for quite a while now.

You Really, Really Need To Read The Whole Thing…

Won’t take very long, I promise…

It starts like this:

“After 13 years of operations, Marines turned over control of Camp Leatherneck to Afghan Security Forces.

You know, as nice as that may be, there is a job still left undone…

– and it ends like this:

We might not be The Greatest Generation, but those men are the greatest I’ve known.

I love you America, but your people have decided our fate: to be okay with mediocrity. America the beautiful, so full of grace, capable of everything, accomplishing nothing other than breeding generations of effeminate men and manly women while no one understands what is happening.

Give war a chance.

The only final comment I can offer is: There is, in the end, very little remaining in the behavior and attitudes of my sometime-countrymen and wimmen that will actually raise genuine ire – open anger, full-on hot-blooded rage and pissed-offedness…sadness, yes, sometimes resentment and cynical snark, but not white-hot lust for retribution!…however – the maltreatment and the simple failure to honor the commitment to service in the name of Duty, Honor and Valor of those we send into other lands, will still do it every time!

I cannot forgive – and do not wish to ever, in the end, forget – anyone, up to and including any Commander In Chief, who causes, condones or allows such sacrifices to be – in the end – made pointless.

A Surprising Admission From the Washington Post
Bill Quick

Hispanics on a GOP Senate: Sure, why not? – The Washington Post

We’ve noted before that only in a handful of states is there a big enough population of Latinos to sway the outcome, which is why immigration reform has been put on the back-burner.

Not to worry.  The Gentry GOP is working as hard as it can to change all that.

Hack Propagandst for the Nation of Islam Discovered Teaching In a Tennessee Elementary School
Bill Quick

School’s Handout Portrays Founding Fathers As Racists | Sweetness & Light

Well, isn’t that what they teach today in most public schools today? What’s the surprise?

Sommer told me she reached out to the teacher for an explanation – hoping it was an honest mistake. “At first, she did not recall which paper it was,” she said. “Later in the day, she found the paper and told me she didn’t like what it said – and said she must have printed it by mistake.”

The teacher also told Sommer that her son was not supposed to take the Nation of Islam handout home. It was supposed to stay in the classroom…

Oh, that’s much better.

Superintendent EC Alexander told me [the reporter, Todd Starnes] the handout was never meant for public distribution. He said the child took the handout from the teacher’s work station without her permission.

He said the teacher had been preparing for a presentation on Mount Rushmore and had discarded the controversial handout. “It was not an authorized handout,” Alexander said…

Watch the kid be punished for letting this get out.

Yeah, we don’t want parents to find out what sort of propaganda we’re pouring down their kids’ throats.

Tar, feather.  And the usual.

Government Fatheads Strike Again
Bill Quick

Nina Teicholz: The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders – WSJ – WSJ

But instead it has focused its anti-fat ire exclusively on saturated fats. Recent guidelines have steadily ratcheted down the allowable amount of these fats in the diet to 7% of calories “or less,” which is the lowest level the government has ever advised—and one that has rarely, if ever, been documented in healthy human populations.

The most current and rigorous science on saturated fat is moving in the opposite direction from the USDA committee.

A landmark meta-analysis of all the available evidence, conducted this year by scientists at Cambridge and Harvard, among others, and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, concluded that saturated fats could not, after all, be said to cause heart disease.

While saturated fats moderately raise “bad” LDL-cholesterol, this does not apparently lead to adverse health outcomes such as heart attacks and death. Another meta-analysis, published in the respected American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010, came to the same conclusion.

The USDA committee has ignored these findings.

Of course. Almost invariably when reality points in one direction, the government will march forthrightly out in the opposite direction.

It Begins
Bill Quick

Google Humanlike Computer, Neural Turing Machine, Will Program Itself | Betabeat

The computer is currently being developed by the London-based DeepMind Technologies, an artificial intelligence firm that was acquired by Google earlier this year. Neural networks — which will enable the computer to invent programs for situations it has not seen before — will make up half of the computer’s architecture. Experts at the firm hope this will equip the machine with the means to create like a human, but still with the number-crunching power of a computer, New Scientist reports.

In two different tests, the NTM was asked to 1) learn to copy blocks of binary data and 2) learn to remember and sort lists of data. The results were compared with a more basic neural network, and it was found that the computer learned faster and produced longer blocks of data with fewer errors. Additionally, the computer’s methods were found to be very similar to the code a human programmer would’ve written to make the computer complete such a task.

These are extremely simple tasks for a computer to accomplish when being told to do so, but computers’ abilities to learn them on their own could mean a lot for the future of AI.

Everything starts somewhere.  But given the speeds of machine computation, this curve could go exponential very, very quickly.

MSM Lying About Doctors Without Borders and Ebola
Bill Quick

Kaci Hickox: I’ve Decided That I’m Going to Ignore Quarantine and Just Do What I Want

The Clerisy Class has decided that it is fashionable to lie about the risks of Ebola.

Just yesterday, Chris Hayes claimed that only three people with Doctors Without Borders (MSF, for Medecins Sans Frontiers) had contracted ebola.

In fact, that number is eighteen — and ten of them died from ebola.

When called on this, Chris Hayes quickly invented a strange distinction — fifteen of those eighteen people hadn’t caught Ebola while working on patients under supervision, but rather, I guess, just living in the Hot Zone. In other words — of the 18 infected, only three were infected by the route the CDC and Ignorant Clerisy insists is the only plausible method of transmission (direct contact with a patient while treating him).

Most — 15 of the 18 — were just infected by casual contact with carriers.

That’s supposed to make us feel less worried about this disease?

Oh, just shut up, science denier.