Still the Same Old (Repulsive) Story….
Bill Quick

How Private Philanthropy Saved the Founders’ Homes by Myron Magnet, City Journal Autumn 2014

Appearing above the byline of “A Southern Matron” in the Charleston Mercury on December 2, 1853, it seethes with anger about more than Mount Vernon’s sorry state. Because Congress, a pack of “jobbers and bounty-seekers,” she wrote, “of office-aspirants and trucklers, of party corrupters and corrupted—all collecting like a flock of vultures to their prey,”

Huh.  Apparently Congress hasn’t changed that much in the past 150 years after all.

It’s the Muslims, Stupid
Bill Quick

Oh Boy: Woman Who Started #IllRideWithYou Viral Meme Admits… It Pretty Much Didn’t Happen, and Was Mostly Imagined

Kinda skipping over the actual crimes a Muslim has just committed against Westerners.

By the way: That’s kind of a two-fer for al Qaeda and ISIS, isn’t it? Not only do they get the terrorism and murder and fear they seek, but then they get the Western media praising Islam as the world’s most peaceful faith in the aftermath of the slaughter, don’t they?

Do we want to give them free two-fers like this?

Only if we reflexively hate America and American liberties.

Conservatives: Good Old Pollyannas
Bill Quick

House Conservatives Have the Power and Should Depose Speaker John Boehner | RedState

One of the main obstacles to unseating Boehner is that House conservatives sort of like him. You hear them say, “He really is a good guy. He just has the worst job in the world.” What they do not realize is that at all times, Boehner and the entire Leadership team are looking to screw and distract conservatives. Leadership has a phrase for this—its called “member management.” It is code to themselves for outright deception towards those they lead.

House conservatives need to understand that they are not conspiring against a family member or team member. They are conspiring against an adversary intent on thwarting the change they came to Washington to bring. It is that simple.

Nothing will change until conservatives finally understand they are fighting a war in which their very existence as a force within the Republican Party is at stake.

Until this happens, nothing will change.

No, He’s Not Really Surprised
Bill Quick

What Exactly Has North Korea Done That Progressives Don’t Do Every Single Day?

Apparently the academy is no longer the place for academic debate.

Apparently Ace has been living under a rock for the past 45 years.

Seriously, this sort of thing has become a favored mode of argument on the wonkish right:  A raised eyebrow and a pretension of shock, shock, at an incident of the sort that has been occurring for decades, which the commenter knows perfectly well.

I suppose it is intended as a mechanism by which to gently awaken those who have been living under rocks for the past 45 years.  The problem, though, is that anybody who isn’t by now aware of the sort of academic gulags our college campuses have become has remained ignorant only by a sustained act of will.  Nor will this approach work with those who aren’t ignorant, but who approve of these crimes against academic freedom – or freedom in general.

For myself, I much prefer a detailed explanation accompanied by a full-throated denunciation, rather than this sort of faux-ignorance that makes the analyst appear painfully ignorant of the world upon which he is commenting


Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk Wheels and Deals to Save NY Gov. Cuomo

In the waning days of his 2014 re-election campaign, Gov. Andrew Cuomo turned to Musk to bail him out of a $1 billion economic development deal that was going down in flames — and could very well take Cuomo’s political ambitions with it.

-shrug- No surprises there. Scratch a Californian entrepreneur, find a weepy liberal, right?

But there’s more.

Cuomo had already done Musk a favor, successfully working with the state Legislature to grandfather-in five service centers owned by Musk’s Tesla Motors when a bill was in the works to outlaw car sales that take place outside of traditional dealerships.

There’s more. Read the rest of the article. And reflect on the ties between corporations and government. Just as God and the American Founders intended.

Faster, Please
Bill Quick

6 technologies that will change PCs in 2015 | Computerworld

Perhaps the most interesting idea is Intel’s “wire-free” PC, in which wireless technology will replace display, charging and data transfer cables. Chip maker Intel next year will show an experimental laptop that has no ports, and relies completely on wireless technology to connect to monitors and external storage devices.

I can’t wait for this one.

Frankly, in terms of innovation, I found 2014 pretty much a bust across all the lines – PCs, notebooks, all-in-ones, tablets, and phones.







Which Orifice Is He Spouting Hot Gas From Now?
Bill Quick

Jeb Bush: I’m going to try to persuade Republican voters to back immigration reform « Hot Air

There’ll be no strong exceptions to that rule this time, or likely ever again.

Oh, there will be.  Once the real disasters caused by an endless policy of open borders begin to bite.

This is what I hate about wannabe wonks like Allahpundit: He doesn’t seem to grasp that a lot of these issues involve considerably more than interesting political games upon which he can pontificate.

The real world is a lot bigger and more dangerous than the inside baseball fantasy life Allahpundit thinks is the only one that matters.

He’ll learn, eventually, but he’s pretty slow, so it will take a while, and probably involve a lot of lessons delivered by the Gods of the Copybook Headings.

Don’t Call Al and Jesse Race-Baiters. I Don’t.
Bill Quick

Jesse Jackson: It’s Racist To Call Me And Al Sharpton “Race Baiters”… | Weasel Zippers

Tuesday on NewsMax TV’s “MidPoint,” Rev. Jesse Jackson addressed accusations of race-baiting by black leaders such as himself and Al Sharpton by comparing them to race baiting allegations from infamous segregationist George Wallace towards civil rights icon Rev. Martin Luther King.

Well, I stopped calling the pair of you “race baiters” a while ago.

Do you guys like “race pimps” better?  That’s the one I’m using these days.

Yeah, Snakehead, It’s Mystifying
Bill Quick

James Carville: Why do people vote against their interests? | TheHill

Believe it or not, I sympathize with Old Snakehead here.  I, too, am gobsmacked at the number of people who claim they are pro-liberty conservatives, and yet vote for anti-liberty, conservative-hating Gentry GOP politicians pushing the most obvious and  brazen lies imaginable.

Is Jeb Bush the Rebirth of The Best and the Brightest?
Bill Quick

Jeb Bush Is Dismissing the GOP Base at His Own Peril –

In September, Gallup found that only 41 percent of respondents thought that “government should do more to solve the country’s problems.” Bush can’t afford to simply dismiss the conservative critics and run a general-election strategy from the outset. He’ll need to aggressively win the debate from within.

And in those debates, Ted Cruz will slice-n-dice him into hamburger.

Have You Read My New Bestseller, Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster, Yet?
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