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He had a dream…

Obama Presses ‘Smart Guns,’ Announces Gun Control Summit


And through his tireless and ongoing efforts, his dream* has come true!

2016 May See Record Numbers in Gun Sales!

AUSTIN—2016 is on its way to beating last year’s record of 23 million background checks for people trying to buy a gun.

Barack Obama. Best gun salesman ever!

Continue reading

Amazing How Trump Changes Things, Isn’t It?
Bill Quick

With Friends Like This… | PJ Media

A lot of reputations are going down the drain thanks to this madness. And for what? To prove a point about “movement conservatism”? If this is the frothing, absolutist face of “movement conservatism,” the hell with it.

Walsh has been pretty much a #NeverTrumper himself.  But whatever.

Interesting to watch some of these mokes, like Walsh at PJM, and David French at NRO, suddenly “defending” Trump…against people just like themselves. (via pb – thanks!)

David French: #NeverTrump Hypocrite Is Appalled At Appalling #NeverTrump “Protesters” – And Their Enablers and Apologists Like Himself
Bill Quick

Instapundit » Blog Archive » DAVID FRENCH: Dear Mainstream Media, Don’t You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence.

“Just imagine for a moment the shrieking outrage if Trump supporters had tried to flip a car outside a Hillary Clinton rally. Imagine the fury at the sight of a bloody man wearing a Hillary shirt. So how did the mainstream media cover the anti-Trump riot?”

David French?

Would you be the same David French who’s been one of the most loudmouthed Trumpophobes at National Review, willing to say or do anything to “Stop Trump?”

Keep Fighting Donald Trump — There Is No Other Choice | National Review

The only defeat that #NeverTrump should acknowledge is final defeat in November, and even then conservatives should immediately plot their comeback. Our crisis cannot compare with the crisis faced by American patriots in 1776, but Thomas Paine’s words resonate still:

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Stand now. No matter the odds.

Stand now. No matter the odds.  There is no other choice.

This David French?

So, you’ve been more or less inciting the #NeverTrump thugs to riot for months now, and all of a sudden you’re shocked that they did, and all your fellow MSM #NeverTrumpers are virtue-signalling their approval?
Going and fucking yourself is too good for you.


Shitty Actress

Furious farmer sprays MANURE at Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson after she breaks a court injunction to protest on his field

Alternative headline: Has-Been Performs Stunt to Garner Headlines, Succeeds but Not as Expected

She and her sister climbed a fence, which was posted with appropriate Keep Out signs, in order to violate a court order telling them not to interfere with fracking operations.

A farmer just trying to do his work was not pleased.

Police were called but made no arrests. Allegedly the Thompsons were not actually nailed with the liquified manure, so one can only assume the cops objected to getting stupid all over the back seats of their squad cars.

Sorry, Not Happening – We May Send You Back To Mexico, Though….
Bill Quick


I don’t think so.


Here. Hold My Beer and Watch This…
Bill Quick

**Live Wire** California GOP Convention Chaos: Protesters Block Donald Trump’s Motorcade – Breitbart

4:22 PM — Ezra Dulis: A round of wire images from the protest.

Could you hand me that chain saw, please?


Dream a Little Dream For Me
Bill Quick

Day 2 | Grouchy Old Cripple

I can dream, can’t I?

Yep.  And better than Allahputz, that’s for sure.

Trump: We’re Grand Now
Bill Quick

Donald Trump Moves to Unify GOP at California Party Convention – Breitbart

“As of today, we have 1,001 [delegates]. We just broke the thousand mark,” he said. “We are going to close this thing out soon, now that we cracked the 1,000 mark.”

236 to go.  

Golden Staters, mark the date of June 7th on your calendars.  That’s the day we the people give the GOP nomination to Donald Trump.

Please, make damned sure you vote.

Hot Gas Hand Jobs – The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Bill Quick

Oh my: Cruz 45, Trump 29, Kasich 13 in Indiana? « Hot Air

The poll was conducted over two weeks and was already in the field nearly a week before Trump’s landslide in New York, never mind the five-state sweep he pulled off a few days ago. And it missed the Pence endorsement, of course, and barely included the Fiorina pick. There’s no reason to believe that this, rather than the various polls showing Trump up by mid- to high single digits, is the more accurate reflection of how things stand in Indiana. But I’m going to print it out, tuck it under my pillow, and dream sweet dreams all weekend, yes I am!

Be sure and masturbate several times, too, Allahputz.  If you can find the necessaries without a map, a magnifying glass, and tweezers.

Very small tweezers.

The Wikicrats
Bill Quick


Wikipedia is basically just another giant bureaucracy, study finds: It’s not as noble or as egalitarian as we all think.

That’s good, I guess, because I never thought Wikipedia was either egalitarian or noble in the first place.  And frankly, not much that I’ve seen since has led me to alter that opinion, including my own Wiki page.

Bill Quick

Dear Mainstream Media, Don’t You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence | National Review

Let’s state this as plainly as possible: Nothing Trump has done justifies a violent response. Nothing. Yet the more the media whitewashes this violence and applies its typical double standard to left-wing thugs, the more the violence will escalate.

Until at some point the Trump supporters begin to respond in kind.  And there are one hell of a lot more of us than of them.

And we’re much better armed, if it comes down to it.

Cruz Is “Winning” A Second Ballot Scenario That Will Never Happen
Bill Quick

Cruz to trounce Trump in Virginia delegate election – POLITICO

But Trump’s dominant position in the Republican primary after six straight blowout victories – from New York to this week’s sweep of Mid-Atlantic states – appears to have reordered the battle to secure delegates who would be loyal should the front-runner fail to clinch the nomination outright.

So while Cruz’s mastery of the delegate selection process has given Trump’s team fits in the past, the response this time is a yawn. “It takes a lot of the pressure off,” said Stewart, Trump’s Virginia director. “After [Tuesday] night, the campaign is convinced that we’re going to hit 1,237, so this will be a moot issue. There will be no second ballot.”

Cruzer Loser.


Why California Ain’t Texas
Bill Quick

If a mob of foreign invaders tried this in Texas, the Trump crowd would gun them down.

But in California, the people are disarmed.

Zero Hedge’s “Tyler Durden”: Three In One
Bill Quick

American Power: Identity of Zero Hedge’s ‘Tyler Durden’ Outed by ‘Disgruntled’ Ex-Employee

At Bloomberg, “Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street’s Renegade Blog” (viaMemeorandum):

Colin Lokey, also known as “Tyler Durden,” is breaking the first rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club. He’s also breaking the second rule of Fight Club. (See the first rule.)

After more than a year writing for the financial website Zero Hedge under the nom de doom of the cult classic’s anarchic hero, Lokey’s going public. In doing so, he’s answering a question that has bedeviled Wall Street since the site sprang up seven years ago: Just who is Tyler Durden, anyway?

The answer, it turns out, is three people. Following an acrimonious departure this month, in which two-thirds of the trio traded allegations of hypocrisy and mental instability, Lokey, 32, decided to unmask himself and his fellow Durdens.

Click on through to see who they really are.

Hoosier Hysteria
Bill Quick

Indiana Is Weird | FiveThirtyEight

In the 21st century, Indiana has started to shift in some small ways. It now boasts more residents who were born outside of the state than Ohio or Michigan does. (Indiana also scores better than them on some measures of racism.)

You don’t say:

Does Diversity Breed Intolerance? | BU Today | Boston University

One found that as whites learned that they will become a minority, they grew more conservative and Republican-leaning. The other reported that whites who were aware of their future minority status became more negative towards nonwhites and preferred hanging out with their own race. That study’s researchers had this to say: “These results suggest that rather than ushering in a more tolerant future, the increasing diversity of the nation may instead yield intergroup hostility.”

The writer is a Hooser, and finishes with:

…For all of these reasons, Indiana remains a tough primary to call. But the toughest factor is the state’s own essential strangeness. What do I think, as a native son? I think Trump will do better here than most pundits predict.

Luckily, I’m not “most pundits.”

I’m the Daily Pundit.  Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana.  Hoosier version of #Trumpslide Tuesday, coming right up!

UPDATE:  While the writer is a Hoosier, I suspect he may be one of that peculiar breed that lives in a mostly university town, probably close to the school itself, and may even work there.  Lessee…

Craig Fehrman – FiveThirtyEight

CRAIG FEHRMAN Craig Fehrman lives in Bloomington, Indiana. He’s finishing a book on presidents and their books for Simon & Schuster.


So, yes, after long stints in SoCal and at Yale, much of Indiana probably does seem “weird” to him now.

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Bill Quick

Waiting for Donald | PJ Media

Prediction: We’re going to be seeing a lot more of such signs in the future as the campaign goes forward. Although the vast majority of the faces filing in Thursday evening were white, the vast majority of them are not racist, unless you believe having national borders makes you a racist.

Well, Obama, Clinton, and the Democrats certainly believe that.

This is my third Trump event to witness in person (many more on TV) and it strikes me that they are becoming “happenings” for Middle America. They are unlike political events I have seen before. The most similar I have seen were rallies I attended for Bobby Kennedy years ago. RFK and Trump had and have a real charisma.

I saw those, too.  I even helped organize a few of them, back when I worked for the RFK campaign.  And Roger’s right.  There are some other startling similarities, too.  Bobby wasn’t even going to run, until his “agonizing reappraisal” after LBJ got his ass kicked in New Hampshire and declined to run for reelection.

They it was a hardscrabble fight against the Dem establishment of the time, from Indiana (where I first hooked up with the campaign after being recruited on Cape Cod), which was considered the most critical contest for the opening of the campaign.

The formal campaign ended in California with that huge victory for Bobby, although the convention in Chicago was still going to be contested.  (And we all know how that turned out).

Let’s hope the similarities stop there.  

Because I still worry about somebody taking a shot at Trump.  Just like they did at Bobby.

The Trouble With Ted
Bill Quick

Cold Fury » The trouble with Cruz

You can’t trusTED.

In the end, Cruz utterly and predictably failed and turned the anti-Obamacare effort into something of a mockery. That year a kid in my neighborhood showed up for Halloween dressed as Cruz, carrying a copy of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham.”

With every such stunt, Cruz’s grand promises always failed. His only success was raising his own profile, raking in piles of donations and advancing his own professional political career. This is the reason Cruz is so despised on both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Senate — not because he is some kind of heroic stalwart standing up the leadership.

He is every bit the Harvard master debater, the professional politician he claims not to be and denounces at every opportunity. And if that is not odious enough, he now wears the hat of an election lawyer as he taunts Trump about his own prowess at using arcane and arbitrary electoral rules to wheedle convention delegates out of election losses.

There’s more–as if all that weren’t enough. I do understand why people support Cruz; I used to like him myself, since he’s one of only a tiny handful of career politicians who even bother paying lip service to the Constitution anymore. 

Unfortunately, that’s all it is:  Lip service.  Lyin’ Ted will say and do whatever it is he thinks will best advance his blind ambitions.

But like I say, the more I see of him, the less I like him. And I repeat again: even if he does manage to maneuver his way into the nomination, he has NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER of becoming president. This article offers a pretty good encapsulation of some of the reasons why.

Here’s my encapsulation:  Lyin’ Ted Cruz is a delusional, lying lunatic.

An Explosion of Enraged Fail: Coming Right Up!
Bill Quick

Internal Poll Numbers Show Cruz Collapsing In Indiana… | The Last Refuge

From the outset, and particularly since the ridiculous “Never Trump” campaign began, we have outlined the most damaging aspect to Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential bid is his continued visibility.  The reasoning is simple: the more people see and hear Cruz,  the more the average electorate are turned off by Cruz.  He’s just not a likeable man.

There is never a more dangerous moment for a rescue swimmer than the moment they reach out to a drowning and desperate man.   The remaining five days leading up to the Indiana vote will be filled with wild accusations and mudslinging in the GOPe’s last desperate efforts to save their financial livelihoods.

If Donald Trump wins in Indiana, or more aptly put – if Ted Cruz doesn’t win in Indiana, the entire anti-Trump effort will suffer a mortal and unrecoverable defeat.

The level of visible hatred exhibited by a screaming Mark Levin will climax over the next five days as last-gasp desperation sinks in.  The gaslighting by Rush Limbaugh will be on maximum overdrive.  The angered voices of the desperate anti-Trump media who echo-chambered their way too far out in their #NeverTrump efforts will increase exponentially.

All of those angered voices are only a few days away from seeing themselves cast into the pit of irrelevance; at this point, with the last vestiges of their careers seemingly hanging by a thread, they have nothing to lose from trying to drag everyone into the flames along with them.

The predictable: Anger – Pride – Ego – Envy, etc. will all be on display as apoplectic political opponents lash out in every direction.   Everyone would be wise to steer clear of the thermonuclear blasts they are willing to unleash as they ultimately exhaust themselves.

It is better to stay clear of the blast radius from the ‘splodey heads:

Nah.  I’d much rather point, laugh at, and mock them.  Their butthurt rage tastes so sweet.

Choke on it, losers every one of you!

Bill Quick

Will Ferrell Backs Out of Film Mocking Reagan’s Alzheimer’s – BreitbartWill Ferrell Backs Out of Film Mocking Reagan’s Alzheimer’s – Breitbart

Will Ferrell has canceled plans to star in and produce a comedic film mocking President Ronald Reagan’s tragic battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Page Six reported Friday that Ferrell backed out of the controversial film, titled Reaganfollowing a major backlash from the public outraged by the attempt to mock the late president’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.

A spokesperson for the actor said Friday, “The REAGAN script is one of a number of scripts that had been submitted to Will Ferrell which he had considered. While it is by no means a ‘Alzheimer’s comedy’ as has been suggested, Mr. Ferrell is not pursuing this project.”

In what deranged Hollyweird bubbleworld would somebody as stupid as even Ferrel is think that this sort of travesty would fly?

Tne New American Order
Bill Quick

(Drudge stuck this pic atop his link to the following story – because he’s delightfully evil, and very good at it).

Consistent Surge of People Crossing Illegally

BROWNSVILLE – The number of people crossing the border illegally is on the rise. The Border Patrol chief said the number of people coming across is consistent with the surge two years ago.

Chief Patrol Agent and Commander of the South Texas Corridor Manuel Padilla Jr. insisted this time, his agents are better prepared and border security isn’t in jeopardy.

However, some people don’t agree.

More than 80,000 people crossed the border illegally since October. It includes more unaccompanied children and family members from Central America and Mexico.

It’s about the same as during the immigration crisis of 2014.

Welcome to Barack Obama’s New American electorate.

Vote Trump!

Lyin’ Ted Cruz Is Utterly Divorced From the Reality That His Campaign Is Dead, Dead, Dead – and Starting to Stink
Bill Quick

Ted Cruz: Trump campaign “utterly divorced from reality” « Hot Air

While Cruz makes the best argument he can, it may not just be Team Trump that’s “divorced from reality.”



About That Pence “Endorsement…”
Bill Quick

Video: Mike Pence praises Trump, then halfheartedly endorses Cruz « Hot Air

Trump fans deserve to have a laugh over this after all the hype this morning. Noah Rothman calls it less an endorsement than an apology, which is certainly how it feels. I’m not sure it qualifies as an endorsement at all. An endorsement is “You should vote for this guy and here’s why.” Pence’s message is “I’m voting for this guy but you should make up your own mind.” I’m not exaggerating; he specifically talks about voters making up their own minds at 3:25 of the second clip. Not only that, but he spends about as much time emphasizing that he’ll work his heart out for the eventual nominee (hint, hint) as he does in talking up Cruz. And as you’ll see in the first clip, the endorsement wasn’t even his top priority when the interview began. His top priority was giving a special shout-out to his pal Donald Trump:

I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field. I particularly want to commend Donald Trump who I think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans with a lack of progress in Washington, D.C.

I am also particularly grateful that Donald Trump has taken a strong for Hoosier jobs when we saw jobs of the Carrier company abruptly announcing they are leaving Indiana. Not for another state, but for Mexico.

I am grateful for his voice in the national debate.

Then he endorsed Cruz.

Of course Lyin’ Ted left the part about Trump out his his ringing announcement of this great triumph for his dead campaign.


No, Donald Trump Didn’t Rape a 13 Year Old Girl at an Epstein Sex Party – It Was BJ Clinton Who Did That
Bill Quick

Donald Trump Pans ‘Categorically False’ Lawsuit Alleging Underage Rape at Jeffrey Epstein ‘Sex Parties’ – Breitbart

Donald Trump is furiously denying a lawsuit’s allegations that he raped a teenage girl at a party hosted by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

From the Daily Mail:

Donald Trump’s attorney told on Friday that a lawsuit claiming Trump raped a 13-year-old girl at billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘sex parties’ appears to be a hoax.

Trump had already ‘categorically’ denied the claims but attorney Alan Garten’s statement signals that the Trump campaign is eager to swat down the allegation before it gains any more traction.

‘The allegations are not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, more likely, are politically motivated,’ Garten told

‘To be clear, there is absolutely no merit to these claims and, based on our investigation, no evidence that the person who has made these allegations actually exists.’

The Republican front-runner told Daily Mail Online on Thursday night that the allegations were ‘disgusting at the highest level’ after he was accused of raping and sexually assaulting a minor in a bombshell $100 million lawsuit.

The suit, which has been seen by Daily Mail Online, has been brought by a woman named as Katie Johnson, claiming Trump took her virginity and alleging that the Republican presidential hopeful and financier Epstein treated her as a ‘sex slave’ during an ‘horrific’ four-month period in 1994. 

Three obvious potential sources: Cruz (because in the Cruz Dominion, all sex is evil (unless he’s porking somebody not his wife); the GOPe (this has their stench, a bit); or the Clinton campaign (which is my bet).

In any event, Ms. Katie Johnson is about to get vetted within an inch of her life.  Wanna bet some interesting connections turn up?  (via Ironbear – thanks!)

UPDATE:  Now I think on it, probably not the Clintons.  Given how many times BJ was cavorting on Epstein’s flying orgies, or at his offshore sex slave compound, the last thing their Crime Syndicate would likely want is any sort of spotlight being shined on them.

Also this, from the above link, dated January 29, 2016:

The Salacious Ammo Even Donald Trump Won’t Use in a Fight Against Hillary Clinton | VICE News

“There is no debate over what happened,” Edwards told VICE news. “I served Mr. Trump with a subpoena for deposition in 2009. He talked to me voluntarily, and consequently we withdrew the subpoena in light of his voluntarily providing information…. I can’t imagine there being any dispute of any of this.”

Edwards also said that it is “obvious” Trump himself was not involved in any of Epstein’s illicit activity.

This is so obviously a desperation move I’m now guessing Cruz.  Desperation is his middle name at this point.  Epstein is a tar baby who potentially threatens too many members of the GOPe Donor Class for them to be pushing this story, and the desperation aspect does smack of Cruz.  Or maybe Jeb Bush.

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Indiana Indicators: Trump Blowout Looming There
Bill Quick

In Indiana, the deal to stop Trump may be backfiring – Chicago Tribune

Northern Indiana, with a mix of Democrats backed by labor unions, Republicans and self-described independents such as Adkison, shows that trend. While unemployment in Elkhart has fallen from almost 20 percent during the recession to less than 5 percent, there are now many fewer jobs that pay what the Studebaker factory in nearby South Bend and other old-line manufacturing jobs did, Hicks said.

Oh, horseshit, you lying GOPe ‘tard.  Those “unemployment” numbers are so crooked even you couldn’t manage to cram them up your arse.

Older, middle-class Hoosiers with a high school diploma who once were able to raise a family, send kids to college and get a new car every three or four years now find themselves working in jobs paying $15 an hour or replaced entirely by younger, less-costly workers, Hicks said. “Donald Trump’s likely to do very well here simply because the feeling about the economy matches his narrative, even though the data do not,” Hicks said.

How stupid are the paladins of the Stupid Party?  Stupid enough to think that their cooked date “trumps” the observations, conclusions, and feelings of actual voters in the real world.

They’re learning otherwise now, but since they are too stupid to learn anything, they’ll probably just end up being destroyed.  Or, more accurately, destroying themselves.

It was hardly a ringing endorsement. And his supporters left the meeting less than enthusiastic about Cruz; In interviews with 10 donors who attended the meeting, just one planned to switch his or her vote to Cruz.

You don’t say.  That many?

But unlike their neighbors just north on the shores of Lake Michigan, there is little help so far for Cruz in Indiana. While Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker enthusiastically endorsed the Texas senator, Pence has remained neutral, saying only that he’ll back the party’s eventual nominee. Former governor Mitch Daniels has eschewed the type of social policies that Cruz backs.

Unlike the suicidally butthurt Scott Walker, Pence and Daniels’ own sense of self preservation has led them to get the hell out of the way of the Trump Express.

UPDATE: Okay, I take that one back:  Indiana Governor Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz | PJ Media

Pence is, apparently, suicidal.  Oh, well, another one (of the GOPe #NeverTrumptards) bites the dust….

Latest goodies, in from the ever-useful MikeM (are you and AnnieM related or something?  The M family?):


Indiana Republican Presidential Primary

Indiana Presidential primary preference: Indiana Likely Republican Primary Voters Apr 27-28

Cruz 32%

Kasich 21%

Trump 41%

Other *

Undecided 6%

Hoosier blowout coming.  Trump changes things, you know.

Indicators: The Capitulation Continues
Bill Quick

Vox Popoli: Five for five

Donald Trump sealed the deal yesterday. What Republican voters are signaling is that they are done with this campaign. Donald Trump is the nominee and it doesn’t matter what shenanigans Cruz and the GOPe want to play. People want to support a winner, and Donald Trump has made it eminently clear that he is the only winner available.

Trump Change – Rasmussen Reports™

Belief that Donald Trump is the likely Republican presidential nominee has soared to its highest level ever and matches perceptions that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic standard-bearer in the fall. The latest Rasmussen Reports weekly Trump Change survey, taken following Trump’s five state primary wins on Tuesday, finds that 89% of Likely Republican Voters now think the billionaire businessman is likely to win the GOP nomination. Two-out-of-three (67%) say Trump’s nomination is Very Likely, up 18 points from 49% last week and up from 38% two weeks ago before Trump’s fortunes turned around with his mega-win in New York State.

Ten percent “don’t know,” and the remaining one percent are terminal #NeverTrumptards.  

Rasmussen seems to be acknowledging something I’ve been saying for months now:  Trump changes things.  It’s the most salient factor of his campaign, and the one all the #NeverTrumptards seem congenitally unable to grasp, as they pore over their data from yesterday and today, and tell themselves how it will still be perfectly accurate tomorrow.

(via Ironbear – thanks!)

As the cries of the Butthurt ring out acrost the land…

Everything seems to be Coming Up Trump all of a sudden. And while that’s just grand…

We here at the DailyPundit decided to take our own reading of the political temperatures and temperaments in the wake of Tuesday’s overwhelming Trumpslide and devastating loss for the Farces of Dorkness over in the #neverTrump and #everCruz-ite camps.

Brietbart says that This Is the Donald Trump That Could Win 40 States.

While we tend to agree, we really wanted to get a slightly wider range of opinion on the subject.

So in the interests of doing so, and so doing, we sent out our Crack(ed) Daily Pundit reporter teams to visit the various candidates and their erstwhile opponents and strategerists and strategerizers.

First off, our operatives went to the Big Cheese hisself, The Donald, to ask him what he thought the ringing cascade of voter support on the East Coast meant for his campaign. His response was:

Because fuck you-1sm
While we here at DailyPundit Central thought that that was just funnier than hell, we allowed as to how it probably wasn’t helpful, and maybe not resoundingly Presidential, but hey – it’s been working for the man so he should stick with it.

The voters seem to like it. And that’s what counts. Except in Colorado and North Dakota and other bastions of Cruzdom.

Cruz 2016: Because elections are too important to be left up to the voters!

The Presidential Mogul did elaborate a bit and gave our reporters this statement:

‘Cruz Can’t Win. What’s He Doing Picking Vice Presidents?’

“He’s mathematically eliminated,” Trump added. “He has set a record, though. He is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. It’s a record.”

It is a record of sorts, we guess…

NEXT STOP, our teams checked in with The Donald’s main – and only at this point – real adversary in this Primary. We asked Mr. Cruz what he thought about all this, and he graciously allowed as to:

After which, Glenn Beck grabbed the microphone and began blathering on about how it was meaningless and destiny and Body of Cruz and blah blah blah, so our reporters tuned him out, turned him off, and headed back out again.

THEIR NEXT STOP was below the fold, where…

Continue reading

Trumpalooza – Coming to a Presidency Near You
Bill Quick

L.A. Times: Anti-Trump Protesters Block Traffic, Hurl Debris at Orange County Rally – Breitbart

From the Los Angeles Times: Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night.

And 30,000 filled the amphitheater, with thousands more stranded outside, unable to get into the packed venue.

(via AnnieM – thanks!)

Oh, that whacky Ted…


Our Trepid Reporters at the DailyPundit have fearlessly uncovered The Donald’s alleged response below the fold:

Continue reading

Remember When…?
Bill Quick

So much beclowning.

Indicator: CNN – Trump Now Has 991 (996 Says ABC) Delegates (538 Butthurt Worst)
Bill Quick


Interestingly, 538 still has Trump stuck at 956 in their counter, at 97% of the 989 total he needs to be perfectly on track to win the nomination.  Which is where they had him at the end of the evening on Trumpslide Tuesday.  Of course, their idiotics “polls plus” model favors Cruz to win Indiana, too, which should tell you all you need to know as to why their reputation is swirling near the bottom of the toilet drain.

If CNN’s number is right, Trump is currently at 101% of the track he needs to clinch the GOP nomination.


ABC News Bumps Donald Trump Delegate Count to 996 – Breitbart

This leaves only 241 more delegates from Trump to win in the primary’s remaining contests: Indiana (where 57 are up for grabs), Nebraska (36), West Virginia (34), Oregon (28), Washington (44), California (172), Montana (27), New Jersey (51), New Mexico (24), and South Dakota (29). Figures from Tuesday night — counting only the delegates automatically pledged thanks to Mr. Trump’s election victories — put him around 288 delegates away from 1,237.

IOW, he needs 48% of the remaining delegates still up for grabs.  I think that will be a slam dunk for him.


The Body of Cruz Is a Corpse
Bill Quick

Vox Popoli: What in the actual….

I didn’t take seriously the claims that Ted Cruz might be autistic until now. Seriously, on what planet is anyone going to support HP-killer Fiorina, particularly in California? I have no idea what he’s trying to accomplish with this except perhaps to submarine his campaign without actually shutting it down.

They certainly make a fascinating pair from a visual perspective. Both their faces look about 15 percent melted. 

As I said previously, it’s over. Like it or not, Donald Trump is the Republican Party nominee.

Cruz is dead, Jim.  And he’s stinking the place up now.

Ho. And, Um, Ho, Ho
Bill Quick

Boom! Donald Trump Holds 26 POINT LEAD in Latest Oregon Poll

So much for that Cruz-Kasich alliance.
Earlier this week Ted Cruz and John Kasich agreed to collude against Donald Trump.
Cruz would campaign in Indiana and Kasich would campaign in Oregon and New Mexico.

But they didn’t expect this.
In the latest Oregon poll Donald Trump opened a 26 point lead drawing 43 percent of the vote.

This poll was conducted on Trump’s recent Landslide Tuesday, and the day after.  I expect his lead widened by a few points again today.

The Capitulation is fully underway now.

Butthurt Watch: The Great Trump Obsession
Bill Quick

The Death of a Nation | PJ Media

But as author Robert Bidinotto notes, there is nothing sudden about drifting over the falls. “As I witness the slow, gradual, resigned acceptance within the Republican Party of Donald Trump (and within the Democrat Party of criminal Hillary Clinton and socialist Bernie Sanders) by more and more people — people who, during a more civilized moment just months ago, would NEVER have tolerated the likes of such creatures — I am reminded how a culture becomes corrupted, then lost.” 

I have to confess that I am surprised at just how many people I formerly respected – Fernandez and Bidinotto among them – have become so deranged over Donald Trump that they literally cannot write about anything without including some sort of Trump smear, no matter how off-the-wall.

“Look how beautiful the sunrise is today.  The only thing that mars it is that Donald Trump – The Beast – exists in the same world with it.”

Oh, well.  One less author whose books I will buy.  And Bidinotto even has some talent along those lines.  Too bad he’s decided to build his own funeral pyre over Trump, and then climb aboard it.


Obama Hack: Of Course We Won’t Force Criminal “Sanctuary Cities” to Obey the Law
Bill Quick

ICE Director Says ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Put Agents At Risk | The Daily Caller

Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Sarah Saldana acknowledged on Thursday that “sanctuary city” polices put federal immigration officers at risk, but she declined to support measures that would force local law enforcement agencies to scrap them.

“Does the sanctuary city program put your field personnel at more risk than they would be otherwise?” South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney 93% asked the Obama appointee during a contentious House Oversight Committee hearing.

“Yes, having to go into a jurisdiction, into somebody’s home, when we could have gotten them at a local sheriff’s or police department, yes, it does put them at risk,” Saldana acknowledged.

What is not being understood here is that in the American-hating Obama administration, this is a feature, not a bug.


Butthurt Watch: Jeb Weeping Bitter Tears Into His Cheerios
Bill Quick

GOP elites are now resigned to Donald Trump as their nominee – The Washington Post

Opposition to Trump still runs strong in parts of the GOP establishment. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, a vocal Trump critic and former presidential candidate, praised Cruz’s pick of Fiorina in a CNN interview that aired Thursday — in part because he said “she takes on Trump really well.”

You lost.  You’re done.  Sit down.

Shut up.